“Overdosing” on Gingerbread? Oh, Sure, Why Not?!

When it comes to Crescent Lake, Disney’s Beach and Yacht Clubs present a phenomenal display.  Have you seen their carousel?






As much as we love the Grand Floridian’s Gingerbread House, we always find this exhibit to be impressive and mesmerizing.

Spend 30 seconds to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Beach Club’s lobby … as well as to take a “ride” on the “Gingerbread Merry-Go-Round”!  Video is below …

Another Dose of Gingerbread? It’s Today’s First Helping!

Now, you know I wasn’t quite done yet.  After all, the Grand Floridian’s “house of ginger” isn’t the only “game” on Disney property!

A tour through WDW’s world of gingerbread isn’t complete until you visit Crescent Lake.  Whether it’s the BoardWalk or the Beach Club, they can hold their own.

For the moment, take the BoardWalk.  This year, they’re offering us an opportunity to visit Ginger’s Bread & Cookie Shoppe!  Yum!


Note the photo opportunity on the right?  I wanted Mrs. All in WDW to join me for a commemorative shot, but she politely declined.  Too bad.


It’s a Gingerbread Fantasy!  Guess the Ingredients!

Finally!  The All in WDW family finally got the chance to enjoy a genuine Disney gingerbread shingle yesterday!

Yes, my friends.  That means we took some time to visit everyone’s favorite gingerbread house at Walt Disney World’s flagship resort!



We also ‘monorail hopped’ over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort as well!  What did we find?  More gingerbread, of course!


Inspired by both “it’s a small world” and “Frozen”, witness this delectable gingerbread and chocolate creation!  Delicious, eh?



Let me ask you this … three key ingredients in the construction of this display are honey, flour, and eggs.

Which, of the sets shown below, show the correct portion sizes as used by the Contemporary Resort Baking team?

Back, Back, Back on “Main Street”!

Good morning, my friends!  Are you looking for answers to yesterday’s “killer” Hollywood trivia questions?  Hmm?

Well, not ’til tomorrow, I think.  I’d like to give some of you a little more time to answer the “challenge”!

So … if you think you know The Great Movie Ride, hop on over to this link to visit Hollywood’s Great Movie Star – Humphrey Bogart!

In the meantime, we’re BACK on Main Street!  The WDW Main Street Podcast, that is!


Walt Disney World is alive with Christmas cheer, fans.  And, so are we!


Join Doug Davis, Dennis Conroy, and I as we talk Frozen, gingerbread, Magic Kingdom’s “Jingle” Cruise, and loads of other holiday decorations!

How?  Well … click right here!

What else can you expect?

Hear us discuss the construction “disaster” that is Downtown Disney … er, Disney Springs.  Most importantly, why does it scare me?

Also, we tackle several other burning questions … like, when will Be Our Guest start serving Mimosas and Bloody Marys?

What are the general differences between Disney’s All Star resorts and Pop Century?

What will be the fate of Disney’s Hollywood Studios?  And, when will we find out what Disney has in mind for that under-appreciated park?

Finally, why, oh why, are we still talking about Food & Wine?  Trust me, folks, it’s Dennis’ fault!

All this can be found in this week’s episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast!  Don’t miss it!

See ya’ tomorrow!


Holiday Flash Report: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Holiday resort-hopping isn’t complete until you acquire a gingerbread shingle.  Is it?  The Grand Floridian, as usual, is incredibly “decked out” and looks absolutely beautiful!

Photo Nov 25, 1 34 02 PM

Photo Nov 25, 1 33 49 PM

Of course, the object of our desire will come as no surprise – the famed Gingerbread House!

Photo Nov 25, 1 51 32 PM

Photo Nov 25, 1 37 06 PM

Photo Nov 25, 1 39 17 PM

Photo Nov 25, 1 39 49 PM

Photo Nov 25, 1 40 23 PM

Photo Nov 25, 1 40 17 PM

I don’t know why we weren’t aware of this already, but this annual “Floridian” tradition began back in 1999.  That was the very year that we made our first pilgrimage to The World!

Photo Nov 25, 1 41 35 PM

We had to stand in line for quite a while.  A very popular place!

Photo Nov 25, 1 44 17 PM

But, plenty to read while we waited.

Photo Nov 25, 8 51 16 PM

Photo Nov 25, 8 51 04 PM

Finally, we made it to the counter and got to make our selections!

Photo Nov 25, 1 48 30 PM

And, of course … the Gingerbread House has been FROZEN as well.

Photo Nov 25, 1 49 54 PM

For us, it came down to one item.  We couldn’t escape without one (or more!) of those gingerbread shingles. Let me tell you … they are delicious!

Photo Nov 25, 1 48 50 PM