Dinner and a Show! What a Processional Package!

Wow!  What a great response, my friends!  It’s easy to tell that you, too, love the idea of enjoying Epcot’s marquee celebration of the Christmas season.

You know, it comes at no surprise to me that the vast majority of you would choose to experience Disney’s annual holiday Candlelight Processional with a narration by Neil Patrick Harris.

NPH at Processional

After all, two years ago, you voted him your Favorite Candlelight Processional Narrator!  Do you remember that!  Anyway, for me, I went in a different direction.

I guess I just can’t get enough of the Marvel Universe.  I chose Blair Underwood.  He currently plays Dr. Andrew Garner (a.k.a. the Inhuman character Lash) on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Underwood - Shield

When it comes to the preceding dinner, however, I just can’t resist my Bangers and Mash.


In other words, the Rose & Crown Dining Room has to be my selection.

Rose & Crown

Having said that, I completely respect your choices.  In fact, this time around, our favored dining options spanned the field!

Chefs de France.  Via Napoli.  The Garden Grill.  La Hacienda de San Angel  They’re all great restaurants!

Thanks for “playing”, folks!  Great vote!  And, now you’ve made your recommendations!

For those fans out there looking for advice, we suggest that you dine, well, just about anywhere in Epcot!  Just do it on a night that Neil Patrick Harris narrates the show!

Happy Holidays!

Pick YOUR Candlelight Dining Package!

Good morning, my friends!

Have you had the chance to experience the joy of Epcot’s annual holiday Candlelight Processional?  We witnessed the performance as narrated by Edward James Olmos, one year.  It was phenomenal!


In the future, if you ever find yourself in Walt Disney World at the holidays, I would highly recommend that you take the time to enjoy this wonderful celebration of Christmas.

Well, Epcot kicked off 2016’s series of performances just last night.  It got me to thinking …

If we were to schedule another Candlelight Dining Package – a date for dinner and a show – where would we go?  Which narrator would we choose to see?

Then, of course, I started wondering about what you would choose!  So, how about it, folks?  Dinner?  Narrator?  Pick YOUR Candlelight Dining Package!


MERRY CHRISTMAS, My Friends! It’s a “Jingle” Cruise into the Jungle!

Merry Christmas from All in WDW, my friends!  We sincerely hope you have a fun, but very safe, day filled with family, friends, peace, and joy!

I mentioned this on a WDW Main Street Podcast a few weeks back …

I just can’t get over how well Disney’s Cast Members have “dolled up” – or, should I say “re-themed” – the Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise for the holidays!  Even the “script” includes a holiday flair!

So, in the same spirit, I present you with the J[i]ngle Cruise!  Have a great Christmas, everyone!














Hey! Where’s Santa Claus?

Yeah!  Where is Santa Claus?


I can tell you where he should be.  He should be “holding court” in Santa’s Village, of course!


My friends, the “halls” of World Showcase’s American Adventure pavilion are decked “to the nines”!

Whether it’s merchandise for sale or trees, wreaths, red ribbon, and poinsettias, it looks like a snow-less Christmas “wonderland”!





And, the centerpiece of the whole display is the most epic Christmas tree in Epcot!  How’d you like to have a mini-version of this beauty in your living room?  Outstanding!