The FATE of IllumiNations! What DID You Decide? What’s MY Take?

Happy Friday, folks!  It’s finally here!  Hey, I really want to jump into Food & Wine “frivolity”, but we’re not quite done with poll recaps, I’m afraid.  Good news?  Just a few more to review!  First, let’s deal with …

The FATE of IllumiNations!

Can I chime in with my two cents?  Let me share my feelings.  On the last night of any trip to Walt Disney World, IllumiNations has always found a way to energize my courage to return to “real” life.

A few years ago, wanting to bring that strength home with me, I purchased the soundtrack.  By the way, if you’re a Spotify user, search for this playlist – Epcot IllumiNations Pre-Show.  Good stuff.

Anyway, when rumors of replacement popped up again a few weeks ago, I began listening to both the playlist and the soundtrack multiple times per day.  Plainly said, the loss of IllumiNations simply horrifies me.

In our recent poll, what did you say about this phenomenal attraction?  If we focus on the votes, 55% of you want the show to be ‘Retained’.  45%, on the other hand, support ‘Replacement’.  Not the landslide of support for which I had hoped.

When I read your comments, however, a different pattern emerged.  The most popular statement I saw was “Replace!”  It makes me sad.  Here’s a short and quick sampling …

  • “They’re replacing everything else. Might as well do this.”
  • “I loved the previous show better than the current one.”
  • “Replace. I like the music, but I felt bored during the show because of the lulls.”
  • “Replace. With the evolution of drone technology, having a choreographed drone light show above World Showcase Lagoon makes so much sense.”

The comments were so numerous, my friends, that I can’t ignore them.  Voting gets thrown out the window when you add, what seems to be, the true voice of the Disney-verse.

The verdict?  I’d love to say it’s a split decision.  However, I’m compelled to give the comments greater weight.  So.  What did you decide?   IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth?  You gotta go!