Dining Recon: Breakfast at The Wave … of American Flavors!

Lately, Mrs. All in WDW and I have become really big fans of Disney breakfasts.  Yeah, if you’ve been following my most-recent posts, you know that already.  Take a look …

Grand Floridian Cafe

Pepper Market

Captain’s Grille

What brought that on, however?  Well, we’ve discovered that if we head off to a resort for a mid to late morning ADR, we can pretty much cut lunch entirely out of our schedule!

Think about it.  Breakfast at 10 to 11 AM.  Dinner at 4 to 5 PM.  Less calories.  Less money!  Perfect!

Anyway, in the breakfast-seeking spirit, we visited the Contemporary Resort’s The Wave … of American Flavors on our last trip.

It was a really good thing we stopped in, too, because I was able to acquire the answer to the question I posed in yesterday’s post.  What cheese fits best in a shrimp omelet?

The answer?  Well, we will see that in a minute.  First?  Let’s start our day with a Bay Lake Bloody Mary!


And, Organic Colombian Press Pot Coffee!


Both delicious!  But, what’s on the menu, eh?  Hmm.  A Breakfast Buffet!  Citrus-scented Brioche French Toast.  Very enticing choices!


I have to admit … I was sorely tempted to try the Wave Signature Sweet Potato Pancakes.  Have any of you?  How are they?  I’d love to know!

When it came down to it, the Florida Rock Shrimp Omelet had to be my choice.  After all, you saw my recipe.  It was a wreck!  I clearly needed a lesson from the “pros”!


So, what cheese fits best in a shrimp omelet?  The Wave’s “design” includes avocado and pepper jack cheese!  That’s it!  Pepper jack!

Before you spout skepticism, my friends, let me tell you this.  The omelet was phenomenal!  Absolutely fantastic!

Accompanied by a lovely and well-loaded Fresh Fruit Plate, that Mrs. All in WDW and I shared, this was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had on property!

The Wave … of American Flavors, folks.  We highly recommend it be one of your choices for breakfast!  Sure, you can choose their buffet, but their shrimp omelet is a definite winner!  Yum!


Another “Wave” of American Flavors?!

Mrs. All in WDW and I recently joined a friend for a few quick appetizers at one of the Contemporary Resort’s fine eateries – The Wave … of American Flavors!  Great food, folks!

When it comes to the Contemporary, we surely love their restaurants.  For instance, I haven’t been shy at all about naming the California Grill as one of our overall WDW favorites.  For our family, it has sentimental appeal … and a delicious menu!

I’ve written about The Wave before, as well.  Located on the resort’s first floor, for us, it is also a frequent stop.  We’ve dropped in for lunch from time to time, but, most often, we’ll take a few seats at the restaurant’s bar.

The Wave


Billed as an ‘elegant oasis’, according to Disney, The Wave Lounge ‘promises a chic retreat for adults looking to unwind.’  Refreshing cocktails and tasty “snacks”, it’s worth a spot on your “to-do” list.  Check out their food!


Our group started with the Buffalo Chicken Flatbread and Soft Pretzels and Dips.



We moved on to the Vegetarian Flatbread.


Then, we finished with the Lump Crab and Florida Rock Shrimp Cakes.


All phenomenal, the crab cakes and Buffalo flatbread get my highest recommendations.  The cakes were crispy yet tender.  The flatbread was bursting with flavor.

My friends, Mrs. All in WDW and I are creatures of habit.  When we find a place we like, we are prone to visit time and again.  The Wave is one of those spots.  Drop in!  We guarantee that you’ll like it!

Dining Recon: The Wave Lounge

Those of you that have followed me for the last two years will know that I’ve “reconned” The Wave… of American Flavors once before.  What?  Are you kidding me?  Did you miss it?  Then, by all means, please stop back for a quick look!

Located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort, The Wave is a bit of a hidden gem, in our opinion.  Early last week, in celebration of a drenching, rainy Disney day, it was also the “kick-off” site of an All in WDW holiday monorail “crawl”.

The Wave Entry

Sporting a generous list of Appetizer and Entree options, you can order off the same menu as the Guests sitting in the main restaurant.



In this day’s case, I couldn’t escape the combination of crab cakes and fish tacos.


Actually meant to be an app for two, the Lump Crab-Florida Rock Shrimp Cakes and Sustainable Fish Tacos made for a great lunch entree and was absolutely delicious!

Mrs. All in WDW ordered, and really enjoyed, the Grilled Chicken Breast.  She commented that the accompanying Sun-dried Tomato Spread was outstanding!


The decor is a bit on the plain side.  You know … the lounge looks like a bar.



But, if you don’t want to sit and visit with the bartender, there’s plenty of room to relax in “mood-lit” peace!


Like I said, we think The Wave Lounge is a bit of a hidden gem.  It’s a nice place to get out of the sunny, Florida heat.  Or, as in our case, it’s a great escape from the torrential rains!

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