“Food” & Garden ’18 Flash Report: Fried Cauliflower with Chili Ranch Sauce – Taste of Marrakesh (Morocco)

I know.  Fried Cauliflower with Chili Ranch Sauce.  It sounds like an incredibly mundane and simple dish, doesn’t it?  Well, it was.  It was also pretty darn good!  The coating was pleasantly crispy.  The cauliflower was quite tender.  Very good with or without the sauce, folks!

“Food” & Garden ’18 Flash Report: Seared Scallops – Northern Bloom (Canada)

Aside from some al dente green beans, I loved Northern Bloom’s Seared Scallops in 2017.  They served two, after all!  No sharing!

This year, the green beans were a hit.  The scallops, however, fell a bit flat.  Oh, they were well-cooked, but the sauce that adorned them presented too strong of a sour-citrus flavor for my palate to enjoy.

Sadly, I have to declare that Canada was a “bust” for me in 2018.  Their beef tips were inedible.  Their scallops were unenjoyable.  It’s too bad.  Canada usually delivers!

“Food” & Garden ’18 Flash Report: Chilaquiles with Chorizo – Jardin de Fiestas (Mexico)

The first thought that crossed my mind when I first tasted the Chilaquiles with Chorizo being served by Jardin de Fiestas was, “Hey!  This is just like having a lasagna!”

Are you a lasagna fan?  Boy, I am.  I have to say, this dish is a very tasty preparation.  Packed with lots of flavor, sub out pasta for tortillas, and you have a winner!

“Food” & Garden ’18 Flash Report: Carne Guisada with Black Bean Cake – Florida Fresh (between France and Morocco)

This one’s going to be short and sweet, my friends.  Looks great, but, whether in the meat or the beans, I didn’t find much flavor in Florida Fresh’s Carne Guisada with Black Bean Cake.  I’d recommend you take a pass in favor of other festival items.