The U.K. Makes “Designer” Beers?! You Bet!

Well, specifically, of course, for the purposes of this post, I’m referring to Epcot’s United Kingdom pavilion.  They’re the ones serving the “exotic” and “designer” beers, in this case.

Naturally, though, I’m not, myself, all that well-versed in the history of “mixed beer concoctions”.  Maybe one of our friends from the United Kingdom can leave a comment and educate us on the creation of these pub favorites?

Rose & Crown

For those of you who accepted yesterday’s “challenge”, a Golden is a blend of Half Stella Artois and Half Bass Ale.

We stumbled upon it a few months back when we met a couple of friends for a quick lunch at Rose & Crown.  It was quite good.

The mildness of the Stella cuts the harshness of the Bass just enough to make the beer a very pleasant refreshment.  It has become one of our favorites, and we’ve tried to recreate it in Atlanta on a number of occasions.

As for the other choices in yesterday’s quiz?  Oh, they’re real creations, as well.

To complete the “menu” of choices, please consider a Golden Fox.  It is a combo of Half Boddingtons Pub Ale and Half Bass Ale.

On the other hand, mix a Half Boddingtons Pub Ale and Half Guinness and you’ll obtain a Bumblebee!

Then, again, the odd one for us is the Cider topped with Harp Lager.  Called a Snake Bite, we’re going to stay far away!

What other “beer blends” do you know about, my friends?  Leave a comment and let us know!  We’ll add them to the menu!