Yet ANOTHER Extravaganza! It’s WDW Main Street!

Sorry, folks.  When it comes to the show, I can’t believe I keep falling “behind the times”.  But, such is “real” life.

Anyway, let me present you with two episodes of the Internet’s best Disney-related podcast – here’s WDW Main Street!

First up?  How about last week’s mid-week show?  Catch the excitement on …

WDW Main Street – Episode #343 – Dining on Hollywood with $80!

Dining in Hollywood Studios?  Hmmm.  Anyone want to wager whether or not Doug Davis is planning to purchase his beloved sliders?

Served at The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, the Derby Sliders are on Doug’s “must have” list.  Wagyu beef.  Duck confit.  Delicious.

Next on the schedule?  This week’s news takes the stage!  Catch Main Street’s cast of characters as they cover everything you need to know.  It’s …

WDW Main Street – Episode #344 – Our Weekly News!

The WDW Main Street Podcast, my friends … the “official” podcast of All in WDW!  Catch it today!