Hey, Disney! Here’s an Illuminating Result! We Have a Winner!

Good morning, my friends!

I truly hope that someone at Disney takes note of the result we’ve just delivered.  In fact, put away your market research, Disney.  We’ve done the job for you.

Rumors still pop up now and then … Disney is plotting and planning.  Diabolical park managers have decided it’s time for change.  Imagineers have obediently gone into development.

Of what, you ask?  Well, sadly, it has been rumored for years (I googled it, and the oldest report I found was dated 2008!) that a new fireworks extravaganza is being developed for Epcot.

More Illuminations

What?!  Actually, the fact that this has been rumored “for years” gives me hope.  Maybe all these reports are just groundless speculations –  bunches of smoke.

Maybe Disney’s own market research efforts haven’t let us down.  Maybe we’ve already told them what we really want.  But, if not, let the world of All in WDW scream it loud and clear …

Congratulations, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth!  You are the 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Epcot Attraction!  May Disney take note of your victory, and may your reign last for a long, long time!

Folks, what are your thoughts about the potential replacement of our Epcot “champ”?  Please weigh in, below.

In the meantime, thank you very much for all your votes and support these past few days!  We’ll visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom to crown its “king” in March!