Hollywood “Eats”! – The Finale

“[T]he boat to Epcot.”

Really??  I asked, ‘What’s your favorite Hollywood Studios Quick Service restaurant?’, and that’s what one of my Twitter followers (@JamboEveryone) responded – “[T]he boat to Epcot.” Yikes!  Safari Mike might be right, though. I have to admit, we sometimes head for the boats or buses as well.

As I said when I started this vote, ‘… you don’t realize just how few Quick Service options exist in Disney’s Hollywood Studios until you …

… try to gather them together into groups.’  I have to admit I was afraid.  I was starting to think that DHS’s lack of good places to find quick eats was going to turn this whole poll into a disaster.

After all, the voting pace was really sluggish for most of Round 1, and, although it returned to a spot of respectability late last night and into this morning, it is clear that Hollywood’s Quick Service options get lackluster support — at best!

Nonetheless, we have a Final Four. Let’s finish this one off, folks!  Please??


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