Hollywood “Eats”! – Round 1

Back in January, Columbia Harbour House stunned the world and bested Pecos Bill to become the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurant. Well, OK, maybe I was the only one shocked by the result, but click the link (above) to see a re-cap of that vote.

Anyway, we’re back to tackle another park. Let me tell you, you don’t realize just how few Quick Service options exist in Disney’s Hollywood Studios until you …

… try to gather them together into groups. While Mrs. All in WDW and I frequent several of these eateries, I just realized that we usually go back to the same ones over and over again.

Enough of that! Let’s get busy, folks! Vote! Vote! Vote! Let’s choose the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Quick Service Restaurant! And, let’s see if this one yields just as big of an upset. Well, I thought it was an upset. So did Pecos Bill. It’s still screaming for a re-match!

As always, the “Top 2” in each group will move into the final round.


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