Dining Recon: Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room

Yes!  Courtesy of All in WDW’s friend, Doug Davis of the WDW Magical Main Street Memories Podcast, I bring you “Dining Recon: Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room”!

But, Bob, how does Doug get all the credit?  Ah, an easy question, my dear friends.

Actually, it was his extremely enthusiastic and very energetic description of the U.K. pub’s Bangers and Mash that got me all wound up.  Did you hear him?

Just listen to the last show I recorded with he and his partner Dennis Conroy.  You’ll see!

To be truthful, Mrs. All in WDW and I have always been big fans of Rose’s Fish and Chips.  I mean, all crispy and crunchy.  Yum!


But, I have to admit, Doug had us both so sold that we couldn’t resist a chance to enjoy some of those infamous bangers.

Look at ’em!  We grabbed the best of both worlds when we shared this dish as an appetizer … before enjoying servings of the aforementioned fish!


It’s the sauce (er, gravy?) that makes this a delicious meal, let me tell you.

So.  Just how good is a plate of Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room’s Bangers and Mash?  Well, let me tell you … no, wait!  Better yet, let me REALLY tell you!

That’s right!  I can show you the pictures on All in WDW, but I can tell you all about it “in person”!  In person?!

Yes, if you listen to Dennis and Doug’s latest show.  We chat Magic Bands, Maelstrom, Illuminations, Food & Wine, and … Bangers and Mash!

Don’t miss it!  Find it here!  All in WDW on WDW Magical Main Street Memories Podcast!  Go ahead!  Listen!

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