Huh? A Smart Phone Charging Station at WDW?

Uh, not quite yet, I guess.

Not necessarily Disney-related, but I’d be a much better blogger if WDW would stage these all over the place.

We found this at one of our favorite Atlanta hangouts – Hudson Grille.



You see the spaces numbered from 1 to 6? Those are lockers that securely store your phone as it charges.

And, the cost? Pretty inexpensive, really, at $5 for 40 minutes.

Great idea, Disney, isn’t it? C’mon. Help us out! We need to be recharged!

Oh, by the way. A post isn’t an All in WDW post without food, is it?

One of our Hudson favorites? Chili Cheese Tots! The only way to have tater tots!



2 thoughts on “Huh? A Smart Phone Charging Station at WDW?

  1. I know WDW test lockers like these in The Magic Kingdom over the past year but I believe they have since removed them!

    Before my last trip to WDW I invested in a portable battery charger. It’s light wieght, fits easily in to my backpack and gives me four complete charges of my iPhone. Plenty of juice for a full day at the Parks!

    To me this is the better option. For one you can still use your phone while it’s charging and you always have your phone with you! No back tracking to pick up your phone!

    I usually charge when dining! There are tons of these on the market now. Check out Amazon. They range in price from $25 – $75 for a decent charger!

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