The GREAT BIG Animal Kingdom Finale! VOTE!

Great response yesterday, my friends!  GREAT response!  I’m so speechless, we’re going to get right back into it!

Welcome to AK!

Today, you have two jobs.  TWO!  First, you’ve created a Final Four of true contenders.  Vote for ONE in this group immediately below!

Which one of these will become the 2015 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attraction?!

Then, for the first time in All in WDW history, let me hand you a Consolation “Bracket”!  Let’s put the remaining four contenders from yesterday’s polls into proper order.  Same drill.  VOTE for ONE!

TWO votes in total today, fans.  In Group #1, above, what is your ultimate favorite?  In Group #2, below, what is your favorite amongst yesterday’s castaways!  Easy?!

Happy voting … and, as the sign says, “Have a WILD time”!!

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