Have YOU Defeated the Yeti?!

Because IT has defeated everything else … AGAIN!

Like I said this past Saturday, I can’t wait to see how Avatarland impacts the future of this little competition.  For example, will a ride on a mountain banshee be strong enough to break the Yeti’s grip on Disney’s Animal Kingdom?  Hmm.

In fact, the Abominable Snowman’s hold over us just gets stronger year-after-year.  Two years, ago, in our inaugural run though Disney’s fourth park, Everest bested Kilimanjaro Safaris by a single, solitary vote.  One!


Then, in 2014, this thrilling streak backwards, in the dark, through cold mountain passages won by an almost-as-slim margin of four votes.  Here, in 2015, its dominance increases to nine votes!

Why?  Is this because each year we love it more-and-more?  Or, is it because each year more people start craving something fresh?  After all, Everest’s Expedition is the newest of the bunch.

As I said both in 2013 and after last year’s tourney, “[f]or me, Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition was the choice.  I love Everest, but, Safaris is the attraction that tells me I’m in the Animal Kingdom.”

It’s true.  For Mrs. All in WDW and I, if you told us we could only experience one attraction in the Animal Kingdom, it would be … well, it would be the animals, of course.  Zebras.  Giraffes.  Lions.  That would be our choice.

I said it better last year … “[f]rom rhinos to lions, elephants to hippos, and my beloved zebras and giraffes, you just don’t know you’re in the Animal Kingdom until you get bounced across the Harambe Wildlife Reserve.”

Yeti?!  You did it again!  You are STILL the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attraction!  But … watch out for banshees!

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