Beverage Recon: Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Dawa Bar

What better way to enjoy a hot, Disney day in the Animal Kingdom than to stop for a few minutes, take a load off your tired, over-walked feet, and sip a cold beverage?

What better place than Dawa Bar?


Attached to Tusker House Restaurant, and loitering around in the neighborhood of the recently-relocated Festival of the Lion King, it is one great outdoor “watering hole”.

Unfortunately, it boasts a sparse seating area.


But, even though the establishment is usually pretty busy, there’s often a seat to claim at the bar, itself.




If there’s one drawback to this little gem of a spot, though, it’s a lack of food options.  Often relegated to being Tusker House’s “waiting room”, you have to search elsewhere for a snack.

Such as …



Mere footsteps away from Dawa, Harambe Fruit Market is littered with … well, fruit.  But, they also have …


Pretzels!  Mickey Pretzels and Jalapeño Cheese Pretzels!  Mmmm.  They’re absolutely perfect when combined with the “star” of today’s “show”.  Ahhhh.


Cheers, everyone!

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