Seek the Spirit of … Epcot! It’s Day #2! Vote!

Good morning, my friends!  I wish you a great Monday!

I kicked this “tournament” off, yesterday, with a few silent moments of reflection for our fallen Norwegian “comrade” … Maelstrom.  As I think about it further, however, even that doesn’t seem like enough of a tribute.

So, here’s a quick bit of enlightenment from “The Mickey Wiki”!

“When an attraction for Norway was originally being developed, Imagineers wanted to give the pavilion … [a] thrill ride.”  That ride was initially going to open ‘[u]nder the name of “SeaVenture”!’

Developers intended to present Guests with a journey amongst trolls and gnomes as they searched for the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla.  Sponsors from Norway, however, “wanted their attraction to be more of a travelogue … as opposed to a mythological adventure.”

Imagineers were given a list of things that needed to be included in the attraction.  On that list were vikings, a fishing village, a polar bear, a fjord, and an oil rig.  Well, Disney?  Mission accomplished.


Before we get into today’s voting, my friends, I’d like to refresh your minds of this very memorable passage …

“You are not the first to pass this way, nor shall you be the last.

Those who seek the spirit of Norway face peril and adventure. But more often find beauty and charm.

We have always lived with the sea, so look first to the spirit of the seafarer.”

In the spirit of those Norwegian seafarers, let’s get back to business!  It’s the same drill as yesterday!

We’ve knocked our list of attractions down to an Epcot “Top 8”!  You’ll find two groups, below.  VOTE for ONE in each group!  The Top 2 from each group will enter tomorrow’s big finale!

Go ahead!  VOTE!

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