Epcot’s BIG “Norwegian” Finale! VOTE!

Admit it.  Deep down, you really loved the film.  You never slipped through the theater and skipped “The Spirit of Norway”, did you?  Of course, you didn’t.  We’re true Disney fans!  In fact, we’re the truest of the true!

When it comes to Maelstrom, in the spirit of “Frozen”, some of my friends and fans tell me that I should “Let It Go” already.  I just can’t.

Look, we know that Maelstrom was nothing more than a four-minute mildly-thrilling, musty-smelling boat ride.  The movie was a too-loud and simple Norwegian travelogue.  Nonetheless, we loved it all!  Especially the polar bears!

Photo Sep 19, 11 31 57 AM

After a “death-defying(?)” drop into the “North Sea” and past an oil rig, Maelstrom delivered its Guests into a small, calm harbor village.  In that village, the ride’s narrator announced, “Norway’s spirit will always be adventure.”

As a last tribute to this “fallen” experience, I am very proud to announce the opening of the All in WDW Hall of Fame!  And, I’m very delighted to reveal its first honoree – Maelstrom!

Live on, Maelstrom!

Today, you have two jobs, my friends.  TWO!  First, vote for ONE in this group immediately below!


Which one of these experiences will become the 2015 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Epcot Attraction?!

Then, please stick around to take care of the Consolation “Bracket”!  I’ve placed yesterday’s cast-offs into a battle for 5th through 8th place.  Same drill.  VOTE for ONE!


TWO votes in total today, fans.  In Group #1, above, what is your ultimate Epcot favorite?  In Group #2, what attraction is the “best” of the rest?!

Happy voting, my friends!  VOTE!

Oh, and by the way … when you’re done, go watch this GREAT video!  Take one last ride on Maelstrom!  Then, watch “The Spirit of Norway”!  Don’t skip the movie, folks!  We’re true Disney fans!

3 thoughts on “Epcot’s BIG “Norwegian” Finale! VOTE!

  1. The next nomination for the Hall of fame has to be Horizons. The classic, best attraction ever at Epcot. I truly believe it to be the best of the departed.

  2. I’ve seen a couple people quote it “Norway’s spirit will always be adventure.” from the end of the ride, but that’s not what the narrator says. I always thought it was “Norway’s spirit has always been big, always been adventure.” Watch the video at 3:45 and see what you think.

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