“Food” & Garden ’15?  WDW Main Street Gets Into The Act!

I’m not the only one excited to see Epcot’s spring festival open its doors … which is today, by the way.  Yes, my friends, today, March the 4th, the food starts “flowing”!

But, back to the “story” … Dennis Conroy of the WDW Main Street Podcast is also anxious to dive into Epcot’s “eats”, it seems.  How do I know?

Well, on the eve of the unveiling of All in WDW’s own Pre-Festival Top 15, Dennis has kindly agreed to share his “menu”.  Enjoy!

  1. Pulled Pig Slider – The Smokehouse
  2. Harissa Chicken Kebab – Taste of Marrakesh
  3. Smoked Debreziner Sausage – The Smokehouse
  4. Seafood Ceviche – Botanas Botánico
  5. Ghost Pepper-dusted Tilapia – Urban Farm Eats
  6. Spicy Hot Dog – Pineapple Promenade
  7. Falafel Pocket – Taste of Marrakesh
  8. Beef Brisket Burnt Ends Hash – The Smokehouse
  9. Pinwheel of Mozzarella, Prosciutto, and Ciabatta Bread – Primavera Kitchen
  10. Kung Pao Chicken Bun – Lotus House
  11. Quinoa Vegetable “Naanwich” – Urban Farm Eats
  12. Teriyaki Curry Bun – Hanami
  13. Cheese Manicotti – Primavera Kitchen
  14. Vegetable Spring Roll – Lotus House
  15. Veggie Quesadilla – Jardin de Fiestas

My thoughts?  Dennis!  Pinwheels?!  Manicotti?!  Have we not already spoken of Italy?

Don't do it, Dennis!

Don’t do it, Dennis!

I may not stand in line for those two particular items, fans, but Dennis has, indeed, penned a very fine menu. Enjoy, my Main Street friend!

Tomorrow, the unveiling begins!  The 2015 All in WDW Epcot “Food” & Garden Pre-Festival Top 15 is mere hours away!

Oh, and folks!  Follow Dennis on Twitter!  Even if he is a New England Patriots fan!  Hah!  Thanks for your contribution, Dennis!  We’ll see you down in Orlando next week!

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