“Food” & Garden ’15 Flash Report! – Cheese Manicotti

I vowed that Italy was off my menu this year.  I also reported that, in 2014, their manicotti was was over-cooked, dry, and pretty flavorless.

So, how did I end up sampling it anyway?  Well, did I mention WDW Main Street in my last post?

You see, Dennis Conroy, of that fine podcast, and I spent some quality “Food” & Garden time yesterday.  He dragged me to Italy!

Actually, I was quite glad that we visited the Primavera Kitchen.  Although still not fantastic, their Cheese Manicotti was much better than last year.

Was it good enough to break into my Top 15, however?  Hmm.  Close.  The sauce was still a little bit flavorless.

Italy?  I’m sorry.  You’re still not quite “there” yet.  You need to kick it up a few more notches.

Try again next year!


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