“Food” & Garden ’15 Re-Cap – EXTRA Credit!

Who said that there can’t be just one more day of “Food” & Garden?  Who?!  Hah!  No one has ever said that, I’d hope.

I got the chance to spend a few hours with Dennis Conroy of the WDW Main Street Podcast a few days back.  With his help, I tackled more Epcot delicacies!

What’d we have?  Well, how about a Vegetable Spring Roll from China’s Lotus House?


A bit too ordinary for my taste, it was on the greasy side.  Of course, it’s fried in oil, so “grease” is its middle name, yes?

I swore I wouldn’t visit Italy’s Primavera Kitchen, but Dennis twisted both my arms.  There, I found myself sampling two of their dishes … against my will!

Actually, their Cheese Manicotti was much better than their 2014 effort.


Good job, Italy.  You dialed it up a degree!  Unfortunately, it still was a bit too tasteless to break onto my Final list of 2015 “Food” & Garden recommendations.

I’d have to say the same about your Pinwheel of Mozzarella and Prosciutto.


The mozzarella was clearly very fresh.  The olive oil was quite a nice touch.  In the end, however, I’m sure you could have delivered a much-more creative effort.

Folks, Japan’s Hanami outdoor kitchen really “brought the goods” this year!

If you caught it a few days back, you saw that I’m already a fan of their Osaka Salmon Sushi!  Their Frushi was outstanding too!


Very refreshing!  For three straight years, this has annually been one of “Food” & Garden’s most popular items.  Now, I understand why!

I approached this year’s “party” being very skeptical of Japan’s Teriyaki Curry Bun.  In fact, pre-festival, I said, “… I’m almost tempted to give Japan’s ‘bun’ offering another try.  Almost.”

Why was I so leery?  “At 2014’s International Food & Wine Festival, Japan served a Teriyaki Chicken Steamed Bun.  We found its filling to be much sweeter than we’d like.”

Well, Hanami’s effort was “leaps and bounds” better than last Fall’s bun!



The filling was hot and extremely tasty, and, in spite of my fears, there was no over-bearing sweetness.  It was a great tasting dish!

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