“Food” & Garden ’15 Flash Report! – Teriyaki Curry Bun

Pre-festival, I said, “… I’m almost tempted to give Japan’s ‘bun’ offering another try.  Almost.

At 2014’s International Food & Wine Festival, Japan served a Teriyaki Chicken Steamed Bun.

We found its filling to be much sweeter than we’d like.  Could the curry in “Food” & Garden’s offering cut that a bit?  Hmm.  Tempting.”

Well, I’m so glad that I allowed Dennis Conroy to push me over the edge of that “cliff of temptation”.  This was a really good dish!

Hanami’s Teriyaki Curry Bun delivered a much different texture than the bun served last Fall.  It was soft and warm.


The filling, itself, was hot and extremely tasty.  In spite of my fears, there was no over-bearing sweetness.

My friends, it was simply a very good-tasting item!  Another “point” for Japan!  Yes, this one will force its way into my Final Top 15!


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