Frozen Invades Norway! Are China, France, and Canada Next?

First, let me start with a personal disclosure.  It has been a really long while since we’ve taken the time to enjoy any of the three World Showcase films we “challenged” in this past weekend’s polls.

Why?  Well, basically, for us, they’re “been there, done that”.  As a result, our votes would have been for the full refurbishment of all three attractions.

And, as space would likely be a big obstacle on all counts, I suspect that the presentation of new movies would be the easiest course forward for our friends at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Then, again, open your imagination a bit.  What type of “live show” could they fit into those relatively small spaces?

Would it be possible to design interactive experiences exciting enough to successfully replace one or more of the films?  Hmmm.

I really wish I had the talent of a true Disney Imagineer.  But, as much as I would like to see something new in China, France, or Canada, I couldn’t begin to imagine what that might be.  Alas, that’s why I write about it … and not design it.

Here are your thoughts:

Reflections of China.

78% of you would like to see China’s movie “re-furbed” or replaced.  36% voted for Disney to “design an entirely NEW attraction!”

One reader suggested that a replacement of the movie would suffice as long as it has “… a narrator that is less of a caricature and more reflective of actual Chinese culture.”

Impressions de France!

This attraction is 32 years old(!), and it still gets a lot of “love”!  See?

“This film is my favorite attraction in all of Epcot, and its replacement would sadden me greatly.”

“Impressions de France has been running since 1982, and I don’t see a reason to replace it now.”


In spite of this, however, over 67% of this weekend’s respondents would like to see France’s centerpiece attraction “re-furbed” or replaced.  Of course, this means that almost 33% of you agreed with the adoring fans quoted above.

O Canada!

… is the “new kid on the block”, as it was already freshened up once … in 2007.  Maybe its “newness” is responsible for the fact that the “winning” opinion in the poll was to “Leave it alone!”

That wasn’t the majority view, though.  When it comes to Martin Short’s “travelogue”, over 62% would like to see “him” get “re-furbed” or replaced, as well.

In sum, there seems to be a fair amount of desire to see more change in World Showcase.  Across all three polls, almost 70% would like to see something new in China, France, and Canada.

“I never go and see the movies.  Eliminate and put in something more interactive.”

“I think a good ‘rehab’ would do well for all!”

With Frozen’s invasion of Norway on the horizon, could Disney be preparing to overhaul the rest of World Showcase?  I wonder.

If these polls speak for the multitudes, and the aforementioned thoughts are shared by most, Disney’s Imagineers should take note.  It might be time for more change in Epcot!

Your thoughts, folks?

5 thoughts on “Frozen Invades Norway! Are China, France, and Canada Next?

  1. I’m going to have to dork up and say that I love China and Canada’s films- even tho by the time we go thru them my feet are distracting me from full enjoyment!

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