Welcome to “Trivia at the Movies” – World Showcase Edition!

One more day at the movies, my friends!  I hope that’s OK.  I didn’t want to leave World Showcase’s “travelogues” without one last parting shot.  A dose of trivia!

Reflections of China takes WDW’s Guests through the Chinese countryside as well as on a tour of historical structures and buildings.

China Pavilion

You will see The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City in Beijing, Hong Kong, as well as Shanghai.

The attraction opened on May 22, 2003 and replaced its predecessor …


Likewise, O Canada is on its second version.  In its case, it has always been called O Canada – a name derived from Canada’s national anthem.

The film showcases images of Quebec, Ontario, the Calgary Stampede, Vancouver and much more.

We know that the current version is the product of an update in 2007 and is narrated by Martin Short, but in what year was the ride originally opened?

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