A Contemporary Treasure Trove!

Great work, fans!  Yes … yesterday’s Disney masterpiece can be found in a shop window on the main concourse floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort!


You know, I didn’t notice it until I actually wrote Sunday’s post, but, for those that didn’t catch it, go back and look into the reflection on the glass in that picture.

Other than one poorly placed photographer – stand somewhere else next time, Bob! – you can clearly see the Contemporary’s unique architecture near the top of the shot!

All in WDW needs a much better photographer, I think.  Or, do we?

I really like this one!  Taken from the bridge between Bay Lake Tower and its sister resort, this was one well-timed catch!


Boy, I love that monorail!  Have a great Monday, folks!

Remember, Round 2 of the 2015 WDW Fantasy Parks Draft will be released by the WDW Main Street Podcast this coming Wednesday!

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