It’s Here! Round 2! The 2015 Fantasy Parks Draft Continues!

Welcome back, my friends!  And, welcome to Round 2 of the 2015 Fantasy Parks Draft!

Three competitors … three parks … a whole lot of fun!

For those who missed us last time, from the WDW Main Street Podcast, I am joined by Doug Davis and Dennis Conroy.

The objective of this little escapade?  For each of us to select …

  • 23 Attractions!
  • 4 Resorts (2 Deluxe, 1 Moderate, and 1 Value) complete with all their restaurants and other amenities!
  • 22 Park Restaurants (either table or counter service)!
  • 10 Shops!
  • 1 Fireworks Spectacular!
Welcome to "The World"!

Welcome to “The World”!

We’re assembling our ultimate “WDW” theme parks, and we’d like you to come along for the ride!

Listen to the “play by play” on the WDW Main Street Podcast at this link!

Please let us know what you think, my friends!  We want to see your comments!  We need to see your comments!

Oh, and before you go … here’s a little quiz.  Of course, you’ll only know the answer if you catch the show!

One of us selected Columbia Harbour House.  Which one of us was it?

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