Treasure Hunt! Find This Prize!

Good morning, my friends!  I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Big news, by the way!  Round 2 of the 2015 WDW Fantasy Parks Draft will be released by the WDW Main Street Podcast this coming Wednesday!

You can catch up and Listen to Round 1 at this link!

If you want to know what I thought of my ten 1st Round selections, it’s right here … What Was I Thinking?!

Now, for today, let’s go hunting for works of Disney art!  Beautiful, isn’t it?


If I were to ask you to search for this display, where would you find it?!  There are plenty of clues buried within this pic.

Let’s see how many of you can reveal this treasure’s location via comments on this post, on Twitter, or on Facebook.  I’ll post the answer tomorrow!


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