Bangers and Mash? Fish and Chips? Disney “Adult Beverage” Trivia!

Welcome to the middle of the week, my friends!  I hope that September has kicked off with a really great first step.  Hey!  Let’s have a little fun today.

The next time you stop by the Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room in Epcot, please take my recommendation and enjoy a plate of Bangers and Mash.


Or, if not that, please grab a crispy, flaky, piping-hot serving of Fish and Chips!


But, of course, when you enjoy either, you’ll need to wash them down with a nice, cool beverage, right?  Hmm.  What should you drink?

Let’s see.  I know!  Order a “Golden”!  What?!  What’s a Golden, you ask?  Well.  It’s one of our favorite Rose & Crown “drinks”.  A Golden is a beer, but it is made up of a combination of two different beverages.

Do you know the “recipe”, my friends?  Let’s see.  Which one of these describes a Golden?

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