In Search of … Shaved Slices of Beef?

I know.  I know.  It’s always about food, with me.  Hey!  Wait ’til next week!  It’ll be Food & Wine week around here!

Anyway, who’s up for an outstanding sandwich of shaved beef?  Roasted shallot mayonnaise.  Pickled peppers and onions.



Beef jus reduction.  Vermont cheddar.  Watercress.  French Fries.  $13.49 of “plain and simple”, rich, beefy deliciousness!

So, my friends, here’s the million dollar question … WHERE can you find this fabulous masterpiece?

I’ll give you a hint.  I drafted the “home” of this delectable delight in the 2015 Fantasy Parks Draft.

Oh!  Speaking of that draft … Round 5 just hit the airwaves this morning!  What ten picks did I make this time?  Listen to the WDW Main Street Podcast to find out!  Here’s the link:

2015 Fantasy Parks Draft – Round 5!

Back to the “star” of this post, however.  You can find this Shaved Beef Sandwich at:

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