Still Caught in the Movies?! You Bet! It’s Great Movie Trivia!

Did you take the tour yesterday?  No?  Then, by all means, please stop back here to kick back, relax, and enjoy a fun-filled, action-packed ride through The Great Movie Ride!

After that, take a few seconds to tackle this challenging “brain teaser”.  How well do you know Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ signature attraction?


Newly refurbished, the Movie Ride’s attraction-concluding movie has been completely re-vamped.  Of course, Robert Osborne of  Turner Classic Movies is the first face you see when that movie begins.

He is, then, followed by a cavalcade of classic movie stars.  However, very shortly thereafter, of the choices below, who is the first contemporary actor or actress that you see?


Hey!  Don’t go away yet!  Did you get it?  Are you confident?  No?  For the answer, click this link to watch the new three-minute movie.  It’ll spill all the secrets!


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