Rehabilitate? Or, Eliminate? – Swiss Family Treehouse

Quoting the all-knowing and ever-present Wikipedia, the “Swiss Family Treehouse is an attraction [that appears in] several Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

The remaining versions based on the original are located [in the] Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, and … in Disneyland Paris.

The walk-through attraction is centered on a giant treehouse where everyone can hear and see various scenes based on the Disney film Swiss Family Robinson.”


Hmm.  Swiss Family Robinson.  That movie came out in 1960.  1960?  Even this old dude wasn’t around back then.  Well, I almost was, I guess, but you get what I mean.

So, what’s this “rehabilitation or elimination” thing all about?  Well, if your new to All in WDW, it goes something like this …

Welcome to the The Walt Disney Company, my friends!  I hope you are enjoying your “career” in Disney’s design and development division – Walt Disney Imagineering!

As you know, WDI is responsible for the creation and construction of Disney theme parks worldwide, and we need your help!

Tap into your creativity.   Imagine that you’re an … Imagineer!  Yes!  In fact, in today’s case, you’re a “re-imagineer”!

Swiss Family Treehouse.  Should we rehabilitate?  Give it a bit of a facelift, maybe?  Should we eliminate?  Replace it altogether?  Or, should we leave it alone?

Your task, today, is a two-part job.  First, what’s your vote?  Second, if you want to rehabilitate, what do you suggest we do?   If you want to eliminate, what should take its place?  What’s your “Project Plan”?

Leave your comments on this post, on Facebook, or on Twitter, my friends!

This is what we do, folks.  It’s Imagineering.  It’s “Re-Imagineering”!  We need your help!

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