It’s Undeniable! YOU Stand Fast with the Land!

Good Friday, my friends!  Right to business!  Earlier this week, I challenged you to …

“Tap into your creativity.  Imagine that you’re an … Imagineer!  Yes!  In fact, you’re a “re-imagineer”!

Living with the Land.  Should we rehabilitate?  Give it a bit of a facelift, maybe?  Should we eliminate?  Replace it altogether?  Or, should we leave it alone?”

Wow!  What a response!  Thanks for your support, folks!  Your voices were heard en masse and loud and clear!  Plus, a number of you put a lot of time and thought into your comments.  THANKS!

Almost 94% of you declared “Leave it Alone” or Keep it and “Rehabilitate”.  Your explanations were heart-felt.  Do you hear that, Disney?  Read below.  We have spoken!

So, what did you say?  Well, you certainly were out-spoken.  I’ll let you take it from here.  It’s a bit long, everyone, but filled with passion and creativity.  Please click through and enjoy!


I wish it was longer!  I really enjoy this attraction.  It could use some plussing.  That’s for sure!

My son would be absolutely devastated if they took away Living with the Land!  We both adore it.  It is not to be missed for us!

Rehab!  It’s a great ride and full of wonderful information.  I like watching the scientists at work.

This is a “must do” … every time.  Definitely a keeper!

I love Living with the Land.  I experience it on every trip.  Yes, I thought it was better when actual people narrated the ride.

I love it.  Always motivates me to grow something.  Rehab!

I’d hate to see them change it … especially since, if they did, it’d probably be Maelstrom-style ‘rehab’.

Leave it alone.  You may screw it up like you did with Journey into Imagination.

Rehab!  I would love more greenhouse and less-dated photos at the end.

We love this ride!  I hope they don’t eliminate it, and I guess rehabilitation to update the tech wouldn’t be a bad thing – except it would be down for a certain time period and that would stink for people who will miss it during their trip.  I especially love it because I refer to it during my science lessons with my 3rd graders each year.  Any opportunity to insert Disney into real life, and I take it!

I love that ride.  Always found it interesting and peaceful.

Definitely one of my favorites.  I’d love to see them add some technology and updated info on farming.  The lab, itself, is doing real research which is very cool.  To me, this attraction defines my love of Epcot, and the idea of eliminating it makes me incredibly sad.

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Rehabilitate? Or, Eliminate? – Living with the Land

Do you remember this feature, folks?  Rehabilitate?  Eliminate?  I’ll admit it.  It has been a long time since I’ve run one.

Well, if you need a reminder – or are new to the site – let me tell you how it works.  Warning, my friends.  It’s time to “make believe”!

Welcome to the The Walt Disney Company!  I hope you are enjoying your “career” in Disney’s design and development division – Walt Disney Imagineering!

As you know, WDI is responsible for the creation and construction of Disney theme parks worldwide, and we need your help!

Tap into your creativity.  Imagine that you’re an … Imagineer!  Yes!  In fact, in today’s case, you’re a “re-imagineer”!

Living with the Land.  Should we rehabilitate?  Give it a bit of a facelift, maybe?  Should we eliminate?  Replace it altogether?  Or, should we leave it alone?

Your task, today, is a two-part job.  First, what’s your vote?  Second, if you want to rehabilitate, what do you suggest we do?  If you want to eliminate, what should take its place?  What’s your “Project Plan”?

Leave your comments on this post, on Facebook, or on Twitter, my friends!  Have some fun!  What should we do with Epcot’s “living laboratory”?

The Coronado Springs Cabanas are “History” Already?! [Poll]

Wow!  So, this is where all the action is going to happen?  Coronado’s Cabanas are already on their way out!  Can it be?

My friends, you saw my fears, regret, sadness, and overall opinion in …

The Re-Imagineering of Coronado Springs? An Opinion.

Frankly, I am alarmed to see that it is happening so fast!  What am I talking about?  Well, credit goes out to  Follow them!  Very good site!

In “Coronado Springs Cabana Demolition”, they lay it out in pictures!  The walls are up!  Some of the buildings have been gutted!  Disney does not mess around!

Coronado's Cabanas ... as they once were ...

Coronado’s Cabanas … as they once were …

Cabanas Close

If I felt sadness when I wrote my earlier article, it turns out that that angst was mild.  Now, I feel a bit of horror!  Wow.  Already Disney?  The shock of the announcement hasn’t even subsided yet!

For those that don’t know, Coronado Springs was formerly comprised of three sections – Casitas, Ranchos, and Cabanas.

Truthfully, we’ve never been huge fans of either the Cabanas or the Ranchos (having stayed in each only once), but to see the Cabanas get demolished.  Ugh.

Whether in All in WDW’s words or on the WDW Main Street Podcast, you’ll clearly “hear” my distress.  But, how about you, folks?

Does this inevitable progress fill you with endless excitement?  Or, like us, are you shaking your heads with sadness?

Will room prices skyrocket?  Will old favorites – like Laguna Bar – be destroyed?  Will the allure of the tower’s roof-top views be too much to deny?

Let us know your thoughts!

Really? The Re-Imagineering of Coronado Springs? An Opinion …

Over the last few days, a lot of All in WDW’s readers have asked me, “Hey!  You love Coronado Springs, Bob.  What do you think about the big news?”


What news?  Well, unless ‘real life’ has had you completely covered up, you’ve seen the reports by now.  It’s all over the ‘net!  Coronado is being “re-tooled”!

More Guest Experiences and Dining Options Coming to Disney’s Coronado Springs!

First, let me ‘pat myself on the back’ for a minute.  I somewhat saw this coming.  Want the proof?  Listen back to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #311 – An “Untouchable” Marathon – The WDW Resorts!

Go to the 1 hour and 14 minute mark, my friends, and you’ll get an initial taste of how I’d start to re-imagine Coronado.

Further, go back to my post from last Monday!  In “Two Unheralded Table Services …”, I commented …

“Coronado Springs is currently undergoing a full refurbishment of their guest rooms.  I’m going to sit back and dream a bit.

Might one of their little-known, under-appreciated Table Services – Maya Grill or Las Ventanas – be next?”

Sure, I never dreamed that Disney would “transform [Coronado’s] landscape with floating gardens and an island oasis that connects the resort through a series of bridges.”

Neither did I imagine an “expansion”!  A “new 15-story tower”?  “[R]ooftop dining with panoramic views” of Disney’s fireworks?  Wow!

Back to the original question … what do I think?  It’s simple.  At the same time as I feel excitement, I also feel deep regret.  So many family memories.  And, our beloved Laguna Bar!

Laguna Alive


I’ve said this many times before … Mrs. All in WDW and I consider Coronado to be a resort with a Deluxe feel at a Moderate price.

Clearly, this transformation is aimed at elevating the resort.  With the major investments that Disney is making, I think it’s fair to expect Coronado’s moderately-priced status to become a thing of the past.

With this in mind, my opinions are this …

  • I fear that the Coronado we’ve long known and loved is about to become a distant, fond afterthought.
  • I fear that our $150 – $200 per night room is going to be transformed, itself, into a $350 – $400 per night room.
  • I fear that our favorite place on property – Laguna Bar – will, too, become a thing of the past.
  • How, exactly, will a 15-story tower fit in with the resort’s “Spanish Colonial” theme?
  • I could go on and on …

My friends, we know that “progress” is inevitable.  The metamorphosis that Disney has laid out is truly exciting.  I can’t wait to see the results.

Yet, I can’t help but be very, very sad.  Oh, it’ll make for a great resort, I’m sure.  However, it won’t be our Coronado Springs.




Experience Mission: Space … AND its Variety of Missions?

Good morning, my friends!  You know, its great to see that there’s enough love out there to keep Mission: Space from joining WDW’s growing list of lost and retired attractions.

Yesterday’s vote, for instance, suggests that only 27% of respondents want the ride eliminated entirely.  On the other hand, 73% see some level of value in its entertainment.

Of that 73%, well over half, though, would like to see the attraction rehabilitated to, at least, a small degree.  Did you get a chance to register your opinion?  No?  Then, go back HERE and vote!

The commentary we received yesterday – regarding this little “imagineering” project of ours – was utterly phenomenal!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Opinions were a bit of a mix (some “for” and others “against”), but here’s a sampling …

“I just want to see Horizons back … fully upgraded/modernized and with plenty of easter eggs for fans of the original.”  -and-  “I don’t see any reason to get rid of it … but I loved Horizons.”

“I love this ride.  It’s one of my favorites.  Never get rid of it.”  – and –  “I almost passed out on that ride.”

“We went on that in September.  Hubby loved it.  Me, however, not so much.  I had to not look at the screen for a bit of it, and when I got off I had a banging headache all day!  Terrible, but I’d probably go on it again.  Haha.”

“That ride ruined my day.  Spent five hours staring at the floor and hoping I wouldn’t throw up.  Was the first year it was open and [“Orange” was] the only option.  Glad I did it, but any ride that has sick bags on it is not a happy place.”


“Rehabilitate!  This ride is amazing.”  – and –  “I love [it] as is.  U.S. astronauts have ridden it and gave it a “thumbs up”, and that’s good enough for me!”

“My husband loves it, and I like it too, but I can only ride once if I’m going to avoid feeling sick.  I vote slightly rehab.”

“Rehab.  I agree if it were more interactive it would be better.  I haven’t ridden Orange yet because I’m afraid it would make me sick.

When my boys were around 4 or 5 years old, my husband took them on this ride.  I sat out because I was nervous it would be too claustrophobic for me.

My kids freaked out when the voice told them to press buttons, partly because they couldn’t reach them, but mainly because they thought they were really leaving Earth … and MOM!”

“I love this ride.  Something about the simulator makes my back feel great!  It’s always my go to ride when my back is hurting after a long day!”

“Will never ride Orange again!  We had an ADR in Akershus right after I rode it, and we were almost late because I was sipping Sprite and putting my head between my knees!”

I’d like to specifically to call Christie and Vin, with their comments, respectively, “We love this ride.  Definitely rehab.  It would be nice to have different scenarios each time.”

“I agree that the ride could use more diversity similar to Star Tours where the ride has many mission options to make it less likely to see the same mission twice.”

My friends, they’ve hit my “Project Plan” right on the nose!  I said the same thing about Soarin’, by the way, but “spruce up” each experience on Mission: Space with a variety of missions!

First off, if you want intense, Orange is still your “ticket”.  I would bet, however, that a lot of us would still choose Green.  Therefore, both options remain.

Next, design a number of different overall scenarios that can be comprised of many small sub-scenes.  Mix and match the sub-scenes – just like Star Tours – and you’re off and running!

Now, that would be my idea of simulated space travel!  Hey!  Astronauts never know what they’re going to face each time they take a trip into space.  You’ll never know what you’ll experience when you ride on Mission: Space!

Have a great day, my friends!  And, thanks, again, for participating in another All in WDW “re-imagination”!  Now, if only Disney would listen to our advice!