YOUR Favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction?! The “Quarterfinals”! VOTE!

Good morning, all!  What a worthy, yet somewhat familiar, bunch of “quarterfinalists”!  Great work, my friends!

Before we get on to Round 2, let me digress for a minute.  This is the first time I’ve included any of Disney’s paid events or tours as options in our Readers’ Favorites polls.

Wild Africa Trek, Disney’s $139.00 – $249.00 “privately guided VIP expedition offering close encounters with exotic African wildlife in their native habitat”, barely slipped past Round 1.

A less expensive alternative – Backstage Tales – did not.  In fact, it got NO support at all!  Was it the $90.00 price tag?  Is it too unknown?  Too little advertised?

For those who are interested, Backstage Tales is a “fascinating look at how Disney Cast Members tend to the 1,500-plus inhabitants of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park”.

Anyway, I was curious to see how well a paid experience would do in this competition.  Now, I know.

Or, do I?  We’ll see how well other events do later … especially when we tackle Magic Kingdom’s Halloween and Christmas parties!

Tree of Life

For today, as we navigate the “quarterfinals”, we’ll go back to “normal” rules.  I present you with four groups of FOUR attractions, below.

You get ONE vote PER group.  VOTE for your favorite amongst the four in each group.  You get FOUR total votes today!

The Top 2 attractions in each group will move into the third round of this “competition” … they’ll comprise the “Excellent Eight”!  They’ll also be assured of making it into your 2016 Animal Kingdom Top 10!

Easy enough, eh?  Go ahead, everyone!  VOTE!  Which experience will become the 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attraction?!

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