Pecos Bill. Menu Meltdown? Long Overdue Overhaul? You Decide!

As I mentioned yesterday, back in October, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe drastically altered its menu.  A long time contender in the ‘Who serves the best burger in WDW?’ sweepstakes, Pecos folded its hand.

In a flash, gone were Bill’s delicious burgers.  Its famous “Fixin’s Bar” was transformed.  And, fajitas, burritos, salads, and rice bowls littered the menu.  This menu …


For Mrs. All in WDW, Bill’s “Fixin’s Bar” was the star.  An unadulterated Disney gem!  Piles of onions.  Tons of mushrooms.  She loved it!

Of course, now we get sauces, salsas, peppers, onions, cheese, avocado and the like.  Too bad.





So, before I continue my “tour” of this once-beloved Magic Kingdom Quick Service, let me ask you for your opinion.

It’s a fact.  We wish for the return of those burgers.  We miss Bill’s old mushroom-loaded “buffet”.  How about you?  Vote your opinion!  Leave your comments!


Now that you’ve weighed in, let’s finish our walk-through.  We stopped by one morning, just before Bill opened for business.

The good news is that this made for unobstructed and undisturbed photography!  The bad news is that “soup” wasn’t “on” quite yet.









Hey!  I almost forgot!  Pecos Bill sure does sport a lot of space.  Tables on tables on tables, it seems!  But, how many patrons can it host?


Did you try your hand at yesterday’s trivia?  Our answers, almost equally, covered every option!  It was a bit more difficult question than I expected!  Thanks for “playing”, nonetheless!


3 thoughts on “Pecos Bill. Menu Meltdown? Long Overdue Overhaul? You Decide!

  1. I think it is a big disappointment because I loved the text me in tortuga tavern and now it’s no more because of the new text me at Pecos bill

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