Dining Recon: A Captain’s Grille Breakfast Buffet

Happy Friday, my friends!  Are you back and at ’em to begin 2016?  Has “Work Week #1” gone well?  I hope so!

Today, All in WDW gets back to “business”.  Disney business!  Folks, this post goes out to my good friend Dennis Conroy and his family!

Long ago, Dennis told us that one of his family’s Disney “must do’s” is to enjoy a breakfast buffet at Captain’s Grille.

You have to try it, he claimed.  Well, finally, Mrs. All in WDW and I heeded his advice!




I don’t often cover buffets.  To be honest, as we’ve gotten older, we’ve found that an “all you can eat” presentation is a bit much for us.

In fact, in truth, Mrs. All in WDW was on her best behavior during this visit.  She went à la carte with her selection of the captain’s Tailored Omelet.


Minus the cheese and loaded with every veggie the restaurant had to offer, she loved her breakfast!

Of course, the “tough job” fell to me.  Well, sometimes, sacrifice is necessary, eh?  The morning’s painstaking, yet deliciously filling, buffet “research” was mine to complete!



In the back of the restaurant, the captain has reserved a small, alcove-type room dedicated to housing his fabulous buffet.

Filled with both standard Disney breakfast fare as well as unique creations, the buffet is actually larger than it looks!

Pancakes, Mickey waffles, and french toast.

Pancakes, Mickey waffles, and french toast.


Three types of frittata.


Bread pudding, baked tomato gratin, and turkey sausage.


Bacon and pork sausage!

And, this was only a small sampling of what our fair captain had to offer!  Yum!  Of course, I had to taste a little bit of everything!


For example, very crispy bacon (perfect!), two types of frittata, tomato, mozzarella, and both turkey and pork sausage?

The “winners” on this plate were the frittata and the turkey sausage.  The turkey sausage had a bit of sweetness to it, making it quite delicious!


I have to confess … I really wish I had done a better job of recording what was the item at the bottom right of this shot.  It was delicious.  Dennis, do you know, by chance?!

My only comment, here, is this … pick the frittatas, folks.  The scrambled eggs were unremarkable.


I have three words for you – Bananas Foster Sauce.  Spill it over French toast, pancake, bread pudding, and Mickey waffles?  Wow!

My verdict?  Pick the bread pudding, my friends.  It was “mind-blowingly” great!

Fans, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Yacht Club’s Captain’s Grille has got to be the most under-appreciated restaurant on Walt Disney World property.  You have to give it a chance!



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