What a Yeti-Loving Dining Recon! It’s the Yak & Yeti Restaurant!

I don’t often dedicate a post to someone, but this one has to go out to Doug Davis of the WDW Main Street Podcast.  After all, he’s a huge fan of the Animal Kingdom’s Yak & Yeti Restaurant!

To be truthful, I’m sure that the Yak & Yeti has a lot of fans out there.  So, this post really goes out to all of them as well!

Check out my previous Yak & Yeti “dining recon” right here!

Anyway, what draws us back to this beautiful Nepalese-style restaurant?  Why do we visit it time and time again?  Well, beautifully-themed decor, for one …









Of course, the Yeti’s phenomenal cuisine seals the deal.  Let’s start by checking out the entire menu!  Delicious stuff, all of it!


Mrs. All in WDW and I dropped in for lunch and chose to share a couple of appetizers.  We selected their Ahi Tuna Nachos and their Firecracker Shrimp.

Ahi Tuna Nachos

Ahi Tuna Nachos

Firecracker Shrimp

Firecracker Shrimp

Both dishes were outstanding, but we definitely preferred the shrimp.  They just had much more flavor.  In fact, I commented that I would love to try a version of Firecracker Shrimp Nachos!

Typically, we pass on dessert.  In this case, however, we couldn’t.  After all, Doug would have banned me from “dining” at his WDW Main Street Pub.  Hey!  I like being on their show!

You see, he just loves the Yak’s infamous Fried Wontons.  Yes, Doug, they were very good.  And, yes, you steered us right … once again!

Fried Wontons

Fried Wontons

My friends, the Animal Kingdom is truly under-appreciated when it comes to Table Service restaurants.  In reality, the park’s choices are very limited.

Given the options, however, Yak & Yeti is a fantastic spot.  Doug Davis, Mrs. All in WDW, and I recommend it quite highly!  Add it to your “Disney List”!

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