Menu Update: Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Prices always go up, don’t they, everyone?  Especially in Disney, eh?  Hah!  The question becomes … is it (whatever “it” is) worth the extra dollar or two?


When I last covered Epcot’s Yorkshire County Fish Shop, a little over a year ago, the best Fish and Chips in all of Walt Disney World cost Guests $9.49 a serving.  But, flash forward a year.


A recent (last month) picture of Yorkshire’s menu informs us that the United Kingdom’s perfectly battered fish demands $10.49!  Then, look on line at Disney’s web site!  $10.99?!

Now, I won’t editorialize on whether the cost of frying a couple of pieces of fish has increased somewhere between 10% and 16%, but Disney … really?!

I’ll just have to admit this … in the fish shop’s case, I truly think that an extra dollar (or dollar-and-a-half?) is another very large handful of pennies well spent.

This fish is perfectly battered.  It’s also piping hot, incredibly flaky, and crisply fried.  Simply perfect!  Buy it, folks.  Yes, buy it regardless of the price!


Of course, I guess that leaves us with one unanswered question … what price is too much?  Oh, my friends, I really hope we’ll never have to find out.

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