WDW Main Street – Episode #309 – Our Weekly News … and Magic Kingdom Dining!

Join Doug, Dennis, John, and I as we discuss the latest news from around “The World”.  What do we think about Disney’s “Highway in the Sky Dine Around”?

WDW Main Street – Episode #309

Also, the Magic Kingdom “Favorite” Table Service poll is about to drop!  Stop back, here at All in WDW, tomorrow to cast your votes!

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Dining Recon: Paradiso 37, Taste of the Americas

Good Monday, my friends!  One restaurant that has gotten a bit lost in the Disney Springs “avalanche” of new dining venues is Paradiso 37, Taste of the Americas.

Located in The Landing, it offers Guests a 37-country culinary tour of North, Central, and South America.  It also delivers stunning views, bright colors, and a lively night-time bar scene!

Paradiso 37

Paradiso boasts a bar stocked with over 50 kinds of tequila!  In addition, at 29 degrees, it claims to serve the “World’s Coldest Beer”!  Sounds fantastic, eh?

Well, our podcast partner, Dennis Conroy, and his family got a chance to enjoy this “paradise” on their last trip to The World.  What says he?

“I had the Paradiso 37 Burger.  It was cooked as ordered (medium-well) and hot.

Paradiso Burger

The roll had a nice crust on the outside and was soft on the inside.  The fries were nice and hot, too.  No complaints at all with the burger!

One of my dinner companions had the Grilled Chilean Salmon and said it was delicious!

Paradiso Salmon

To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what anyone else said about their meals because the music was painfully loud!”

Well, folks, it sounds like the food is pretty darn good!  The atmosphere, however, might be full of a little bit too much life.

How will Paradiso 37 compete with all of the new “jewels” that Disney is sprinkling around the Springs?  Only time will tell!

Visit Michael Symon’s “Bar Symon”!

Every once in a very great while, I have to indulge myself with a post that has nothing to do with Disney.  But, wait!  Doesn’t Michael Symon have a tie to Disney?

He surely does!  After all, he and his buddies have had an influence on the last two Epcot International Food & Wine Festivals!  Of course, I’m referring to his show – The Chew.

Although I was (very vocally) not a fan of The Chew’s Food & Wine efforts over the last two years, I am still a big fan of Chef Symon.  Hey!  Us Cleveland boys have to stick together!

Anyway, take my advice, if you ever visit C-Town, drop by Michael Symon’s flagship restaurant – Lola Bistro.  The Beef Cheek Pierogi are other-worldly and are a very strong “Must-Do”!

In the meantime, I have another place for you to visit – if you pop through the Pittsburgh or Washington Dulles International airports, that is.




Offering a break from busy airport travel, “meet” Bar Symon!  From award-winning burgers to potato and cheese pierogi with kielbasa, it’s provides another “have to have it” meal.

I got the chance to grab lunch at the Pittsburgh restaurant while on a trip several weeks back.  From a delicious Great Lakes Brewing Company Beer to Chef’s great burgers and fries, I’d visit again and again!  Delicious!


WDW Main Street – Episode #308 – Changes Coming To Epcot and Happy Thanksgiving!

In our latest episode, Doug, Dennis, and I team up to discuss Disney’s big announcement about major changes coming to Epcot.  Which one of us predicts that Future World might become “Marvel World”?

I took this from the monorail. Not bad, eh?

I took this from the monorail. Not bad, eh?

You all saw our Raglan Road post earlier this week, yes?  It spurred a discussion on just how will some of Disney Springs’ older venues compete with The Boathouses and Morimoto Asias of “The World”?

Finally, Happy Thanksgiving, friends!  From All in WDW to WDW Main Street, we are all thankful for you!  Listen to all of that chatter, debate, and well-wishes on …

WDW Main Street – Episode #308 – Changes Coming To Epcot and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at The Boathouse?!

Sure!  Why not?!  Hey!  We still think that The Boathouse in Disney Springs is one of the very best new additions to Walt Disney World!

To our U.S. friends, Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you have a great day with family and friends.  Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about All in WDW and WDW Main Street’s non-U.S. family.  Happy Thursday to all of you!

Mrs. All in WDW and I can’t resist The Boathouse.  A gorgeous view of the Sassagoula River.  The boats that “decorate” the restaurant.  The great food.  Phenomenal!






And, speaking of fabulous, fantastic, and phenomenal, let me remind you of one of my overall WDW favorites – Firecracker Shrimp!


Sriracha mayo.  Serrano chilis.  Sweet peppers.  Thanksgiving dinner?  Who cares?  It’s utterly delicious!


My friends, take my recommendation.  Holiday or not, visit The Boathouse.  Sit out on the pier.  Take in the view.  Enjoy the boats!  You won’t be sorry!