Menu “Recon”: ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome to Wednesday!  Hey!  At least it’s better than Monday, yes?

We have a quick and easy menu “recon” on tap for today, everyone, and I’d like to thank one of our friends – Gina – for supplying a photo and comments!

The news broke several days ago.  The ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is, now, serving a new “Fast Casual” dinner menu.

“Guests can expect a more upscale dining experience for dinner – with elevated menu items and food brought to your table.”

Find the full article, here, on Disney Parks Blog!

Chimichurri Sirloin Steak, Barbecued Chicken and Ribs, Seared Lemon Pepper Salmon, and a Southwest Burger headline the options!


The “process” starts with placing your order at the register.  You’ll  receive a pager.  Take that to your table and a Cast Member will deliver your food moments later!

Sounds great, eh?  Well, I asked Gina what impressions she picked up from her visit.  Her report?  “Moms weren’t happy about the Chicken Tenders.

Other than that, I heard some negative comments on the pricing.  People liked the pager aspect of food delivery, though!”

What do you think, Disney fans?  Does this attempt to step up their game make you more likely to choose ABC Commissary as your Hollywood dinner venue?

In fact, if you would give this menu a chance, what would you choose to eat?  Let us know in the two polls below!  See ya’ next time, folks!

To see the full dinner menu on Disney’s web site, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Menu “Recon”: ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. I like the idea that the food is getting an Upgrade. I always liked the Commissary so I would definitely give it a shot next time. Now you get a pager, kind of like Be our Guest and we all know that is a Favorite amongst your readers. Will the Commissary ever be Be our Guest??? Probably not for the masses but it may in my eyes, only time will tell

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