Before & After: Pork “Chops” at Sunshine Seasons

Sadly, one of the best Quick Service venues on Disney property is starting to make a habit out of disappointing Mrs. All in WDW.  Never a good thing to do, Epcot, I can assure you.

First, she lost her beloved Apple Caramel Crunch.  Don’t know what that is?  I’m not surprised.  It’s gone.  It was also one of the few desserts that she would call worth the calories.  See it at …

Snack Recon: Apple Caramel Crunch

Yummy looking, huh?  Well, it was one of our Epcot morning “go to’s”.  Unfortunately, it disappeared months ago.  Having said that, we keep searching for it!

Of course, Sunshine Seasons is much too good of a spot to discard it simply for the loss of a baked delight.  In fact, one of Mrs. All in WDW’s favorite lunches lives (lived?) there as well.

A few months ago, in ‘Quick Service “Recon”: Sunshine Seasons’, I introduced you to Sunshine’s $13.99 Slow Roasted Pork Chop.  Take a look …


She subbed in a delicious-looking pile of green beans for the restaurant’s advertised mashed potatoes, barbecue sauce, and corn on the cob.  She loved every bite!

Then, we went to the Festival of the Arts last month.  While I was scurrying around World Showcase, she slipped over to Sunshine for the “chop”.

Now billed as a Pork Loin with the very same sides and for the very same price, she received …


My friends, it paled in comparison.  Being boneless, it wasn’t as flavorful.  Plus, it was a shock to see it so different than the serving she had received mere months before.

Like I said, Sunshine Seasons is one of the best Quick Service venues on Disney property.  Mrs. All in WDW and I will be back.  We may even order the pork.

As we know, folks, change is inevitable.  Sometimes, though, depending on the tastes of any particular Guest, change can be quite disappointing.  It’s too bad, but it’s true.

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