Beersolo’s Featured WDW Beer of the Month!

Presented by John Peters (a.k.a. @beersolo on Twitter).

One of my favorite things about Epcot, and actually all of Walt Disney World, is its great variety of food and drink.  As Beersolo, I, of course, prefer … beer!


To that topic, we are going to start a series on some of my favorites!  The first beer we’re going to look at is the WDW Main Street Podcast’s “official” brew – La Fin du Monde.

This beer is available several places in Walt Disney World.  These include …

  • Popcorn in Canada (a.k.a. the Canadian beer cart)
  • Le Cellier
  • The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge
  • Citricos
  • The Top of the World Lounge

My favorite spot?  The Canadian beer cart!



Made by Quebec’s Unibroue, La Fin is a strong beer (9% abv), so be forewarned.  A triple-style golden ale, the beer is pretty yeast forward and has a slight floral aftertaste.

It’s one of my absolute favorites.  Try it!  Cheers!

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