Hollywood “versus” the Empire? VOTE for YOUR Favorite Hollywood Studios Attractions!

Good Friday, my friends!  My expectations before I started compiling options for this week’s “tournament” were that Hollywood Studios had little left to offer a Favorite Attraction poll.

Then, I consulted the Walt Disney World website.  To my surprise, I found 20 attraction and entertainment options to include in today’s 1st Round!  20!

However, as I looked closer, I discovered that 7 of those were Star Wars-related!  Nearly half?  This left me to wonder … has “Star Wars Land” opened already?  How did I miss that memo?

When it comes to those “Magnificent 7”, with the exception of a few, I really feel like I need a guidebook!  What are they?  Hmm.  Of course, we all know Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.


Star Wars Launch Bay has been around for a while now.  Been there – done that.  We’ve all seen plenty of videos of March of the First Order.

Finally, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular can even be heard from my Coronado seat at Laguna Bar!  Wow!  Star Wars has taken over the Studios!

So, the question, today, is … will it also take over our Hollywood Studios Favorite Attractions poll?  Well, we’ll have to VOTE to see!

Below, I present you with FOUR groups of FIVE attractions and entertainment options.  Your job is to VOTE for your favorite TWO attractions in each group!

That’s right, folks.  You get to cast a total of EIGHT votes today!  Which of these Hollywood icons – or Imperial infiltrators – will reign supreme?  Let’s find out!

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