Hollywood Strikes Back! VOTE in Round 2! What’re YOUR Favorite Hollywood Studios Attractions?

Take that, Emperor Palpatine!  Bow down to Hollywood, First Order!  You’re finished!  Well, almost, I guess.

Which Star Wars attraction survived yesterday’s 1st Round?  No big surprise.  It’s a bit of a Studios icon – Star Tours – The Adventures Continue!

Having said that, where does it leave us today?  Folks, we’ve created an “exceptional” eight – inclusive of seven “citizens” of Hollywood and one Imperial “star-cruiser”!


Like yesterday, your task today is to VOTE for your TWO favorites in each group.  FOUR votes in total, this round!

No “easy” choices today, my friends.  If you listened to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #333 – Seeding the Hollywood Studios Attractions Poll!

… you’ll know that these attractions were our eight top-seeded Hollywood Studios options.  The “cream” does rise to the top!

Go ahead, everyone!  VOTE for TWO in each group.  The Top 2 in each group will meet up tomorrow in our “star-studded” finale!  VOTE!

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