Battle of Hollywood Studios “Titans”? VOTE in the Grand Finale!

I’ll say one thing to kick off today’s final day of voting … I really admire our consistency.  As I said yesterday, the “cream” does rise to the top!

What do I mean?  Well, this is the 5th running of this particular tournament, and, with one exception, our historical “Fabulous Four” returns intact.

My friends, for the first time ever, Fantasmic! has missed its chance at the “championship”!  What?!

Sorcerer Mickey

For four years, Hollywood’s fireworks “party” held off Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.  This year, the empire left Mickey and his friends in the dust.

So … how is today’s finale going to work?  You have to make ONE last choice.  Yes, my friends.  ONE.

Which one of these attractions do you think is worthy of the title – WDW Fans’ Favorite Hollywood Studios Attraction?  Now.  Are you ready?  VOTE!

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