It’s Undeniable! YOU Stand Fast with the Land!

Good Friday, my friends!  Right to business!  Earlier this week, I challenged you to …

“Tap into your creativity.  Imagine that you’re an … Imagineer!  Yes!  In fact, you’re a “re-imagineer”!

Living with the Land.  Should we rehabilitate?  Give it a bit of a facelift, maybe?  Should we eliminate?  Replace it altogether?  Or, should we leave it alone?”

Wow!  What a response!  Thanks for your support, folks!  Your voices were heard en masse and loud and clear!  Plus, a number of you put a lot of time and thought into your comments.  THANKS!

Almost 94% of you declared “Leave it Alone” or Keep it and “Rehabilitate”.  Your explanations were heart-felt.  Do you hear that, Disney?  Read below.  We have spoken!

So, what did you say?  Well, you certainly were out-spoken.  I’ll let you take it from here.  It’s a bit long, everyone, but filled with passion and creativity.  Please click through and enjoy!


I wish it was longer!  I really enjoy this attraction.  It could use some plussing.  That’s for sure!

My son would be absolutely devastated if they took away Living with the Land!  We both adore it.  It is not to be missed for us!

Rehab!  It’s a great ride and full of wonderful information.  I like watching the scientists at work.

This is a “must do” … every time.  Definitely a keeper!

I love Living with the Land.  I experience it on every trip.  Yes, I thought it was better when actual people narrated the ride.

I love it.  Always motivates me to grow something.  Rehab!

I’d hate to see them change it … especially since, if they did, it’d probably be Maelstrom-style ‘rehab’.

Leave it alone.  You may screw it up like you did with Journey into Imagination.

Rehab!  I would love more greenhouse and less-dated photos at the end.

We love this ride!  I hope they don’t eliminate it, and I guess rehabilitation to update the tech wouldn’t be a bad thing – except it would be down for a certain time period and that would stink for people who will miss it during their trip.  I especially love it because I refer to it during my science lessons with my 3rd graders each year.  Any opportunity to insert Disney into real life, and I take it!

I love that ride.  Always found it interesting and peaceful.

Definitely one of my favorites.  I’d love to see them add some technology and updated info on farming.  The lab, itself, is doing real research which is very cool.  To me, this attraction defines my love of Epcot, and the idea of eliminating it makes me incredibly sad.

It could use some love, but it would be a terrible idea to do away with it.  We love this ride and do the Behind the Seeds tour at least once a year!

I love this ride so much.  I could imagine updating it somewhat but leave the thing alone!

Make it like an informative Jungle Cruise.  Love this ride!

Don’t eliminate!  Would like the song to be resurrected, though.  Yes.  Just make believe you’re a tiny little seed!

My favorite ride at Epcot other than Spaceship Earth!

I see nothing wrong with it.  I don’t see a need to change this one.  If you want to rehab it to clean it up – fresh coat of paint, etc. – then, that’s fine.  It doesn’t need any actual changes to it.

Rehabilitate, if needed, but please stop taking all of the icons away!

Maybe they could return guides to the boats to narrate and answer questions as you ride through the greenhouse parts.  Other than that, keep it the same.  Behind the Seeds tour was fun!

I love Living with the Land!  Seeing all of the plants – and spotting the Hidden Mickey’s – is so much fun!

Here’s my plan … 1). Bring back the live narration.  2). Get rid of the slideshow room and add more of the lab.  3). Slow down so guests can see the plants in the background, too.  4). Throughout the ride, have animatronic scientists offering 30-second vignettes explaining this herb or that exotic fruit.  5). Samples!

Don’t close it, Disney!  I still haven’t forgiven you for Horizons.  And, don’t get me started on what y’all did to Figment.

It’s actually a favorite with everyone I go to the parks with.  The pre-greenhouse scenes and the screens on the way to disembark really need updating.  The Behind the Seeds tour is worth doing.

Rehab with more info on home garden ideas!

I guess I’m going to go against the grain and say eliminate it.  I find it to be a little boring and only rode it to cool down from the heat.

I vote rehabilitate.  While I’d like to see the live guide return, I somehow doubt the budget is here to make it happen.  Instead, perhaps a new script could be generated that would allow the host of the attraction to appear on video as we move through different scenes.  In the dark ride sequences, maybe it is all voice.  And, then, in the greenhouses, video displays are added alongside the agriculture displays to let the host show graphics and such.

I really wish Disney would update, at least, the end videos.  They were so obviously recorded in the 90s.  So much in agriculture has changed since then!  I’d love to see a new portion of Living with the Land discussing genetically modified produce.

Rehab.  Went on it last month and couldn’t believe how outdated the science was.  There’s a missed opportunity to talk about climate change, droughts, and organic farming.  Also, the fish farming part ‘weirds me out’.  Just a few hundred feet away, there’s an entire pavilion – The Living Seas Pavilion – dedicated to respecting fish and aquatic life.  Yet, we’re all supposed to be totally cool with the fact that some fish aren’t good enough to be respected.  Some fish have to live their whole lives in a small, plain, crowded tank until we decide to harvest them in the name of “sustainable” seafood.  Major branding issue.  If you’re gonna talk the animal welfare talk, you need to walk the walk.

Keep! Or rehab!  It is one of the last vestiges of the true spirit of EPCOT Center.

Rehab.  It would be too easy to integrate solar and wind into the ride to show what is possible with today’s technology.

Doesn’t make sense to get rid of it.  They will still use the gardens, and the ride itself is honestly one of the most up-to-date and educational rides in the park.  I’d vote rehab.

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