Overrated WDW Restaurants? Here’s Our Take!

The WDW Main Street crew recorded a phenomenal show a few weeks back called …

Episode #361 – Underrated and Overrated Restaurants!

Did you catch it?  No?  Please go back and have a listen.  Boy, did they stir up some controversy!

Of course, I’ll have to add my two cents, no?  Actually, I have to add both mine and Mrs. All in WDW’s opinions!

So, what was the objective?  Well, of all of Walt Disney World’s dining establishments which ones do we feel are Overrated and Underrated?

Where do I start?  I’ll follow Doug, Dennis, and John’s lead and get our slice of “controversy” out of the way first.  In so doing, let’s begin with the Overrated …

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant –

Yes, folks.  Raglan Road.  I’m sorry.  I’m sure the experience (entertainment and food) is great, but we just don’t get it.

On our only visit, we couldn’t even snag a server to wait on us!  Not a great first impression, Raglan.

The place is always insanely crowded, but we’d much rather visit Rose & Crown Dining Room.

Yachtsman Steakhouse –

We agree with Doug Davis on this one.  There are much better steaks to be had!

Yachtsman is a spot where we’ve dined just once.  Why, you ask?  Our experience was merely ‘meh’.

Of course, it has tough competition when it comes to our palates – both on property (Shula’s Steak House) and off (New York Prime in Atlanta).

Le Cellier Steakhouse –

We’ve been to Le Cellier quite a few more times than we have to Yachtsman, but our feelings are the same.  We’d rather visit Shula’s.

Columbia Harbour House –

Sorry, Doug.  And, everybody else, I guess.  I have four words to describe our feelings about Columbia … Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

Mrs. All in WDW and I don’t indulge in delights like Fish and Chips all that much, but when we do, we want it to be good.

Harbour House’s version reminds me of a serving of Gorton’s …

Columbia’s Fish and Chips

Yorkshire’s, on the other hand, is fabulous, flaky, crispy, and delicious …

Yorkshire’s Fish and Chips

Yes, we know that Columbia serves much more than Fish and Chips.  To be honest, however, we’ve tried some of those items as well.  We weren’t impressed.

If we were going to Counter Service dine in the Magic Kingdom (which we don’t do very often), we’d be more likely to stick with Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe.

‘Ohana –

We’ve got your back, John Peters.  Most overrated meat buffet in Walt Disney World.  The last time we experienced ‘Ohana, the meat was way past overdone.

I’ve said it many times in the past, but we’d much rather visit Boma.  There’s more variety, and the food tastes “fresher”.

In fact, should we want to enjoy a festival of skewered meats, we’d just as soon visit a Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse – more variety and much better food.

There, you have it, folks.  Our overrated spots.  Let me have it!  Where are we wrong?  Why are we wrong?  We’ll be back tomorrow with our Most Underrated WDW Restaurants!

5 thoughts on “Overrated WDW Restaurants? Here’s Our Take!

  1. I agree with you on all of these. The only one we go back to regularly is Raglan Road because I have an Irish dancer but the serve is very hit and miss as is the food. We went to O’Hana for breakfast for the first time on our last trip and swore NEVER again. Serve was poor, food was meh, and the characters were the highlight but we were at the end of the rotation so we had finished breakfast and had to wait another 25 minutes just to see them. But, dinner? We loved.

  2. I totally disagree on Ragland Road AND ‘Ohana. Both great restaurants with good entertainment. Maybe you need to visit a place more than once to make a comment like that!!

  3. I did Boma and Ohana during my first trip last week. Ohana was a LOT better. But — and I’m sure this is personal preference — the BEST meal I had on property was Tangerine Cafe in Epcot’s Morocco. I loved those flavors. I wanted seconds. And 50s Primetime was absolutely succulent. Couple that good food with an awesome vibe and 50s is my MUST DO stop for all future visits.

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