YOU are the Master of Buzz’s Fate! What’s the Verdict?

Good day, my friends!  I truly hope that Disney has someone following our re-imagineering activities.  Our verdict was absolutely emphatic, after all.

When it comes to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, we say “Rehabilitate” … by a landslide!  Almost 65% of you feel that Buzz needs a bit of a facelift.

What did you have to say?  Let’s see …

“They just need to make it work better!  So many issues with guns and spinners not working.  It’s frustrating waiting in a queue to not be able to enjoy the ride properly because you got the broken buggy.”

“Rehab to upgrade the firing systems and repair all of the malfunctions!  This attraction has far too many non-functional vehicles and guns.”

“It’s still a great ride, but I prefer the versions in California and Paris.  It would be great to have blasters that detach from the ride vehicle like those rides.  That, a fresh coat of paint, and maybe some new effects, and it will be great for years to come!”

“Rehabilitate it!  The Shanghai version is great.  The technology exists.  It just needs to be updated.  It’s a fun attraction when it works!”

Of course, Buzz got plenty of love too.  Check it out …

“Keep it!  It’s a family favorite and a Tomorrowland staple.”

“Please don’t remove it!  It was my dad’s favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom.  My youngest has yet to be able to ride it!”

“This has to be one of my top favorite rides!  I have so many good memories riding it and competing against family and friends.”

Wow!  It’s really clear that, in your minds and hearts, the Space Ranger still has a place in Walt Disney World!

Frankly, I tend to agree.  For me, however, I’d love to see the attraction moved over to ‘Toy Story Land’ in Hollywood Studios.

Of course, I know a full relocation of that sort is pretty impractical.  That being the case, I’ll take the refurb … especially if the guns don’t work.  Geez!

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