OUR Hollywood “Bash” Continues! Jump Into Round #2!

Great 1st Round, folks!  Thanks for all your votes and support.  And, hey!  Who says that Hollywood Studios is a half-day park?

Think about it, my friends.  Start your day off with a Starbucks at the The Trolley Car Café.  Add in lunch at 50’s Prime Time Café.  Enjoy dinner at The Hollywood Brown Derby.

Amidst all of that “delicious-ness”, mix in your Top 12 attractions!  From thrill rides to night-time spectaculars, you’ve loaded any day up with fun!

Let’s move on to our semi-final round.  It’s time to turn your “dynamic dozen” into a “stupendous six”!  Which of these attractions will become the “champ”?  Let’s see!

Today’s voting is as simple as yesterday’s.  Below, I present you with two groups.  Each group includes six attractions.  What’s your job?

Well, you can VOTE for as many as three attractions in each group!  That’s right.  In total, you can choose as many as six favorites today!

By day’s end, the Top 3 vote-getters in each group will move forward into tomorrow’s final round!  Let’s get VOTING!

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