Grab a Blast of Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, Folks!

By John Peters

Hi, everyone!  Recently, I heard reports of Canada’s infamous Cheddar Cheese Soup being available not only at Le Cellier and during Epcot’s annual Food & Wine festival but also at World Showcase’s Refreshment Port!  I had to verify this rumor first-hand!

Situated at the front of World Showcase, the Refreshment Port is the little Counter Service location on your right-hand side as you approach Canada.  And, yes, at $4.19, they do carry Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup!

I was happy to find that the soup is identical to the one I’ve had inside Le Cellier.  It was creamy, cheesy, and full of the bacon flavor you’d be expecting.  I tried it twice … once by itself and once served with this little restaurant’s Poutine!

You heard me right.  Poutine!  French Fries with Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup and Cheese Curds!  $5.99 of deliciousness!

Here’s a tip … for the instance during which I tried the soup by itself, I had the forethought to bring a Mickey Pretzel over from the snack stand by The Land pavilion.  It turned out to be a great idea!  The pretzel and the soup were a fantastic combo!

Oh.  One last thing … both the soup and the poutine are snack credits on the Disney Dining Plan!  How about that?  Highly recommended dining options, these two, let me tell you!

The Best Thing About World Showcase is … Beer?! [Poll]

By John Peters

Hey, folks!  You bet beer is!  Seriously, our podcast crew had a great time sitting around the Main Street Pub and ranking World Showcase’s pavilions!

If you missed it, catch that show at:  Episode #371 – Ranking World Showcase’s Pavilions!

Then, we had an even better time watching you vote to determine which were your favorite spots!

Catch the re-cap of that poll at:  World Showcase Pavilions … What DO We do with the “Bottom of the Barrel”?

Today, however, I’d like to look at one of the MANY reasons I love World Showcase so much … BEER!

Catch Episode #373 – Drinking Around World Showcase!

Oh, there is no doubt in my mind that the best place to find quality beer at Walt Disney World is in Epcot’s World Showcase.  With that in mind, in order from last to first, let’s tour through my “Hit List”.

11. Tsingtao – China – Very light.  Not too flavorful.

10. Kronenbourg 1664 – France – Well, the French DO make great wine.

9. Casa Beer – Morocco – Another extremely light beer.  Not bad on a hot day!

8. Modelo Especial – Mexico – This beer, I enjoy.  Again, it is another solid, refreshing choice on a hot afternoon.

7. Birra Moretti La Rossa – Italy – France could learn something from Italy!  The Italians are known more for their wine than their beer, but this is a great beer!  A Doppelbock, it has a slight sweet taste with some nice caramel notes.  Very nice!

6. Einstök – Norway – Actually, this beer is from Iceland.  Getting past that, it’s another great choice!  Nice and light, with a somewhat complex flavor profile, and some nice citrus notes, it is a fantastic brew!

5. Frozen Kirin – Japan – Take a look back … I’ve written about this one before.  Yep!  Take away my “Beer Geek” card, folks!  By itself, Kirin is not all that good of a beer.  Put a slushy top on it?  I’m sold!  Coldest beer in Epcot!

Love that slushy topping!

4. Golden Monkey – American Adventure – Lots of complex flavors in this one.  I’ve tasted bananas, bubblegum, and cotton candy flavors.  It’s pretty sweet and that hides the high alcoholic content.  At 9.5% ABV, this is a great beer that you might be best limiting to one!

3. Schofferhofer Hefeweizen Grapefruit – Germany – Some of you will disagree with me on this choice.  Grapefruit is blended with a Hefeweizen beer to deliver this refreshment.  Honestly, most people either love this or hate it.  Personally, I love it!  You had best like grapefruit juice, fans!

Does “grapefruit beer” complement great German food? You bet, it does!

2. Innis & Gunn – United Kingdom – An absolute delight, friends!  This beer is fantastic!  After brewing, it’s cured in empty whisky barrels.  That gives it its unique taste.

1. La Fin Du Monde – Canada – To those who know me, there’s no surprise here!  This is my absolute favorite beer in all of Walt Disney World!  La Fin is an extremely well-balanced Tripel.  It boasts a nice, subtle fruity taste and delivers a unique yeasty finish.  This one is another “hidden punch” beer, though.  Complex flavors hide its high ABV (9%).  Just be careful, folks!

Well, there!  You have my list of beers from around the showcase.  Have you tried them?  Do you agree with my thoughts?  I’d love to hear your comments – either, here, on this post or on social media!

Oh, by the way, please respond to the poll below.  Which three (3) of these would you choose?  VOTE, everyone!  The more the merrier!  Thanks for reading, and … cheers!

World Showcase Pavilions … What DO We do with the “Bottom of the Barrel”?

Howdy, folks!  Wow.  It has been … one … long … week.  Odd, too.  Since I had Tuesday off work for Independence Day, that is.

So.  Where were we on our little adventure through Walt Disney World?  Oh, yeah.  Epcot.  World Showcase.  Poll results!

First up, let’s take a look back at World Showcase’s pavilions.  Thanks for your incredible support, my friends.  Over 1,250 votes cast!  Yahoo!

Well, our task was to determine your collective ranking of the pavilions from one (1) to eleven (11), wasn’t it?  To do that, I asked you, each, to select your favorite five (5).  What were the results?

  1. Mexico
  2. Japan
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. Italy
  7. Norway
  8. Morocco
  9. American Adventure
  10. China
  11. Canada

Great list!  Can I comment?  Of course, I can!  Hah!

Mexico won by a bit of a landslide – over 30 votes!  Clearly La Cava del Tequila, the marketplace, the wide selection of restaurants, and the pavilion’s view of Illuminations catches our fancy.

In fact, Mrs. All in WDW and I had them at #2.  Oh, wait.  Here’s our list …

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Mexico
  3. Japan
  4. Germany
  5. Italy
  6. American Adventure
  7. China
  8. Morocco
  9. Canada
  10. France
  11. Norway

Pretty darn similar, I’d say.  With the exception of Italy – which you ranked in 6th place – our Top 5 matched yours!  Great minds think alike!

One other observation … let’s look at your list one more time – in a different light.  As you know, some of the pavilions (shown in RED) offer distinct, marquee movies or attractions.  How did those countries do?

  1. Mexico
  2. Japan
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. Italy
  7. Norway
  8. Morocco
  9. American Adventure
  10. China
  11. Canada

Only two of the Top 6 – as opposed to four of the Bottom 5 – offer attractions.  Huh?  Maybe attractions aren’t World Showcase’s draw, after all.

You know what?  Norway’s ranking mystifies me at the same time as it doesn’t surprise me.  We ranked it in 11th, after all.  With Maelstrom still “alive”, we would have ranked the pavilion at #3!

Much to our dismay, however, Frozen Ever After is insanely popular.  Having said that, it shocks me that Elsa didn’t single-handedly prop Norway up this poll.  I feel bad for Disney.  All that money spent, and we don’t even seem to appreciate it!

I hate to ask, but are we bored with the American Adventure?  I don’t mean the attraction, of course, but I do mean the pavilion itself.

What is it, everyone?  Is it just that there is no decent dining option … other than The Smokehouse at Flower & Garden?  Is it that their shopping options are next to nonexistent?

I’d find a way to add a stand-out Table Service option.  Doug Davis has mentioned that on our podcast.  Plus, I’d increase the size of the main gift shop and completely re-imagine Liberty Inn.

Finally, what do we do with the “bottom of the barrel”?  Good question.  Clearly, Canada’s signature restaurant isn’t helping them much.

If it were me, with the exception of Le Cellier – which should be enlarged to handle more Guests (another comment already made by Doug Davis and Dennis Conroy) – this pavilion needs a complete overhaul.

For example, their one little store is not much to speak about.  Look at the shopping options boasted by your Top 4.  There’s no comparison.  It is a clear area for improvement, Epcot.

How about adding a solid Quick Service?  Every other pavilion offers some type of reasonable Counter Service dining option.  Where’s the one in Canada?

Finally, what do we do with the movie?  Will an updated film lift this pavilion up the charts.  Probably not.

Here’s an idea … how much room do you have in there, Disney?  You’ve devoted a ton of space to landscaping, that’s for sure.

Could you, possibly, find enough area to, somehow, engineer a small log flume ride into the pavilion?  Hey!  It might be “out there”, but it’s as good of an idea as any!

How about you, folks?  How would you bring one of the Bottom 5 up to par with the rest of the Showcase?  Let us know, here, in the comments section of this post … or on social media!

How Would YOU Rank World Showcase’s Pavilions?! [Poll!]

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome back to … Epcot!  So.  How would you personally rank World Showcase’s pavilions?

If you want to know what I mean, please refer to the latest episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast … Episode 371 – Ranking the Pavilions!

In that show, Doug, Dennis, John, and I gather together at the Main Street Pub to dole out our individual opinions on which pavilion stands on top … and which one lands at last.

In that spirit, I have three tasks for you today.  First, let us know in the comments on this post or on social media – what is your ranking from one (1) to eleven (11)?  Which pavilion is first?  Which is last?  And, why?

Second, what country would you choose to be World Showcase’s twelfth pavilion?  We made our choices, but to find out what they are, you’ll need to listen to the show!

Finally, in the poll below, pick your Top 5 favorite pavilions.  Let’s let a good, old-fashioned All in WDW poll tell us what is your collective ranking!  VOTE for five (5), folks!  We’ll reveal the results in a few days.