Enamored with the Beast’s Enchanted Castle

First of all, as I did yesterday, I must start with heartfelt thanks.  Your response to this week’s series of polls was overwhelming.

In the end, we achieved our goal in unequivocal fashion.  With a landslide win, Be Our Guest Restaurant is the WDW Fans’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurant.


So.  What do you think, folks?  No, really.  Whether in the comments on this post or on social media, please tell us why Belle and the Beast won your favor.

The reason I’m asking is this – I saw very little feedback regarding Be Our Guest over the past two days.  What I did see, though, was negative.  Such as …

“I think Be Our Guest is nice and all, but my last time there left a bad taste.” – and – “Our last time at Be Our Guest wasn’t good either.  Food bad.  Three long, hot lines.”

On the other hand, as I mentioned yesterday, there was an outpouring of love for Skipper Canteen.  Sadly, that culminated in a first-round elimination.  Wow.

Clearly, my friends, Be Our Guest fans rule a very strong majority.  Why, however, be so silent in delivering the enchanted castle its victory?


You can be sure that the guys and I will be delving into the results of this “tournament” on the next episode of WDW Main Street.

Let me add your voice to that “party”!  Leave your comments!  In the meantime, Beast?  Belle?  Rejoice!  You are our Magic Kingdom “champion”!

“Magical” Table Service Restaurants! VOTE in the Finale!

Wow!  Simply phenomenal!  Wait.  Actually, that’s a huge understatement.  Your response to yesterday’s first round of voting was “phenomenal” at 9 AM!

By the time the last vote was cast, late last night, the level of your support was way beyond phenomenal.  You “owned it”!  You turned out, folks, and you let your voices be heard!

Where does that leave us?  Well, four of our Table Service venues have been cast out of this little “competition”.  On the other hand, four final, and very worthy, restaurants remain.

Which will emerge victorious?  Which will be named the WDW Fans’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurant?



Before we get to today’s finale, what were some of your comments yesterday?  Here’s a small sample:

“Magic Kingdom has table service?”  Uh, yeah, that’s saying something, isn’t it?  Pair that with … “Sadly, I usually head to ‘Ohana or anywhere in Epcot when at Magic Kingdom.”

I have to be honest, Mrs. All in WDW and I feel the same way.  Our go to for lunch after a morning in the park is Kona Cafe or The Wave.

Alternatively, we might land at Tambu Lounge and dine on a lunch from Captain Cook’s.  Or, we might lounge at the Contemporary’s Outer Rim while grabbing a meal from Contempo Cafe.

Back to your thoughts, Skipper Canteen got a surprising amount of love!  “Liberty Tree is beating Skipper Canteen? What?!”

“Skipper Canteen is 100% the best, but it gets overlooked for lack of chicken tenders.”  – and – “Skipper’s was so good.  I didn’t think I would like it.  I loved it!”

Our take?  Mrs. All in WDW and I gave the skipper a shot some time back.  As you’d expect, the theme is outstanding.  The food?  It was OK.

Sadly, the voters weren’t as convinced as the recommendations suggested.  The canteen didn’t make it past Liberty Tree Tavern and Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Oh, well.  Let’s get back to business!  What’s our task today, my friends?  Below, I present you with our “Final Four”.  Select your ONE favorite.  It’s as simple as that!

Like yesterday, however, please don’t sit on the sidelines.  Don’t feel that you can’t make a selection because you’ve never been to any of these spots.

Think like this … if you had to try one of these for the very first time, which one would you choose?  Got it!  Yes?  Well, then, VOTE!

Choose Your “Favorite Magic Kingdom Table Service”! VOTE!

Good day, Disney fans!   Welcome to All in WDW – home of the WDW Main Street Podcast!   Oh, and welcome to Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you’ve seen us “take on” the Table Services at both the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

With groundswells of voting support powered by you – our readers and listeners – Tusker House Restaurant and 50’s Prime Time Café won your favor as WDW Fans’ Favorites!

Can you repeat that phenomenal turnout?  Will you fight your way to the voting booths to cast your ballots for your beloved Magic Kingdom dining venues?  Let’s see!

The Castle

Today, we enter Round 1 of a two-day “tournament” to crown the WDW Fans’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurant!

What’s your job?  Below, I present you with two groups of four restaurants, each.  In each group, select your ONE favorite.  In other words, please cast TWO votes today.

Hey!  And, if you don’t feel you can make a choice because you’ve never been to some of these spots, please don’t sit on the “sidelines”!

Ask yourself this question … if you had to try one of these restaurants for the very first time, which ones would you choose from among the four in each group!

Or, do you want our advice?  Listen to Doug, Dennis, John, and I seed the various culinary establishments!  Which do we think merit the “championship”?  Listen to find out!

WDW Main Street – Episode #309 – Our Weekly News … and Magic Kingdom Dining!

It’s as simple as that, folks.  VOTE!  The two highest vote-getters in each group will move on to tomorrow’s “grand” finale of “Final Four”.  So, go ahead.  VOTE!

Grab a [Pictorial] Taste of Tusker House!

That’s what you recommended yesterday, at least.  Apparently, when it comes to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we all need to grab a taste of this colorful Harambe eatery!

Wow!  What a landslide!  The vote wasn’t anywhere near close!  Tusker ran out to an early lead and never looked back!


There’s bound to be a bit of controversy, of course.  Why?  Well, plenty of Guests prefer Asia’s (2nd Place finishing) Yak & Yeti Restaurant.

In fact, I’m going to bet that my partner, Doug Davis, is going to have a few choice opinions to share on our next podcast.  Watch for the next episode of WDW Main Street!

In the meantime, your decision has been rendered.  Tusker House Restaurant – the buffet busting with African flavors – is the WDW Fans’ Favorite Animal Kingdom Restaurant!

From salads and cheeses to breads and meats, this place has it all!  And, tables and tables of desserts?  Yum!

Let’s celebrate, shall we?  To this point unpublished, please savor this pictorial “taste” of Tusker House!  This is the type of fare you’ll find at your Animal Kingdom “champion”!