Enamored with the Beast’s Enchanted Castle

First of all, as I did yesterday, I must start with heartfelt thanks.  Your response to this week’s series of polls was overwhelming.

In the end, we achieved our goal in unequivocal fashion.  With a landslide win, Be Our Guest Restaurant is the WDW Fans’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurant.


So.  What do you think, folks?  No, really.  Whether in the comments on this post or on social media, please tell us why Belle and the Beast won your favor.

The reason I’m asking is this – I saw very little feedback regarding Be Our Guest over the past two days.  What I did see, though, was negative.  Such as …

“I think Be Our Guest is nice and all, but my last time there left a bad taste.” – and – “Our last time at Be Our Guest wasn’t good either.  Food bad.  Three long, hot lines.”

On the other hand, as I mentioned yesterday, there was an outpouring of love for Skipper Canteen.  Sadly, that culminated in a first-round elimination.  Wow.

Clearly, my friends, Be Our Guest fans rule a very strong majority.  Why, however, be so silent in delivering the enchanted castle its victory?


You can be sure that the guys and I will be delving into the results of this “tournament” on the next episode of WDW Main Street.

Let me add your voice to that “party”!  Leave your comments!  In the meantime, Beast?  Belle?  Rejoice!  You are our Magic Kingdom “champion”!